What Is Biology?

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Science expert Emerald Robinson explains what the study of biology is and what we learn from it. To view over 15,000 other how-to, DIY, and advice videos on any topic, visit http://www.monkeysee.com/


mike gioulis says:

Number 3 is incorrect. Darwin ended the controversy.

Kenneth Wayagwag says:

It's mitosis your talking to.

Heston says:

No need to be rude. She's just doing her best. What goes around comes around (judgement will come back to bite you in the butt if you use it against people). <3

dj freak says:

tnxx lololollooooooollolllll

Silas Howe says:


Sandra Li says:

what does she say at 0:17-20? 

Philip Karlsson says:

Just started a new biology course! Topic 1.1 Concerning Cells. Topic 1.1 Concerning Cells

~ Bright Romeo ~ says:

TILF sorry. 

~ Bright Romeo ~ says:

She's such a TIFL.

Vitor Vasconcelos says:

She's blonde she shouldn't know anything.
What a strange blode

Eay5paev says:

What do you mean by "real reproduction"? Reproduction comes from the prefix re- and the verb "produce". So duplication really seems to be a particular case, just as sexual reproduction.

Kittou says:

duplication is better, in fact. The problem with "replication" is that we already use it for DNA… I've check the "reproduction" out, and you were right: in theory, we should call it asexual reproduction (because of the idea of "expanding the population by meiosis/mitosis") but I asked to my Cell Biology teacher and he agreed with me: it's really more a duplication with the goal of expansion than a real reproduction.

Eay5paev says:

I'd be ok to call it duplication for instance, but then I would lack a word to describe the unique charasteristic of all life which consists of "making a copy of oneself". Maybe "replication", then?

Kittou says:

Not really, we call it reproduction because of the "mitosis part". But, it's not really reproduction.

Eay5paev says:

Parthenogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction, but it's still reproduction.

Kittou says:

for studying in Biology, the answer of "What is life?" could be very interesting! As you said, Viruses don't belong to "life organism" neither "dead organism" (or minerals) ! LOL
By the way, reproduction is not something important for EVERY species: most of bacteria, or archea, don't reproduce… one mother cell just divide in tow daugter cells: there is no reproduction in here. :)

Eay5paev says:

Cool. I'm surprised none of these five principles talk about reproduction, though. Also, a question you could ask is: what is life? It's not as obvious as it sounds, as some organisms blurry the frontier, such as viruses.

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