Formula 1 2016 Mexico G.P. M. Verstappen vs S.Vettel vs D. Ricciardo battle

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freakyfreeky says:

more annotations next time please

Joep Tjoep says:

What battle??? Ricciardo and Max do race… They where just hold-up by a cruise-control-driver. Wake up Mercedes & Ferrari, it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring :(

Brendan McCallion says:

The fact both Verstappen and Ricciardo, two RB drivers, made such big ballsy moves throughout the race excited me as to how epic a duel between these two for the WDC could be. No fear, commitment, determination, and big balls. The big balls is important.

Squall Lionheart says:

Someone tells me you did wrong vettel in defending the position with Ricciardo? Vettel just goes straight blocking the wheels, at any time change the path while braking, because it sanctioned shit?

alfi says:

Ricciardo e Verstappen hanno rubato il terzo posto alla Ferrari per colpa di commissari di gara incapaci o per qualche altro motivo

Thomas Nagano says:

Red Bull plays by their own rules. Vettel would not have the 10 sec. penalty if Verstappen had given up his position, however Vettel used bad language, a no no in 2016 f1 racing. The fight should be on the track, next time have a speed bump in the run off so you definitely lose time. Only reason I keep watching f1 is how great a driver Lewis Hamilton has been since his RC cars and karts. It would be fun to see LH run a Can-Am 454 cu. in. Chevy McLaren.

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

Good team driving by Max.

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