FOREX TRADING: A Trade With MASSIVE Profit Potential

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FOREX TRADING video taking a look at a potential trading opportunity that offers a lot of profit potential.

Ten Reasons Traders Fail Video…

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @AkilStokesRTM

5:20 – Technical Analysis on the USDCAD
15:06 – Breakout Trade On USDJPY


Simple Ton says:

why not place buy limits where the bulls have their stops?

Bigballs Touchem (ALt RIIIIIGHT) says:

do u think if opec make a decent deal and oil rallies to $60ish USD/CAD will possibly go the other way. i know USD is super strong at the moment but it hasnt made huge gains on the CAD considering

Michael Fitzpatrick says:

you guys at Trade Empowered are awesome, love all the training especially the pattern trading.

Irfan Khan says:

After watching your video I saw a great potential of profit both in long and short orders therefore I immediately short 2 orders at 1.34715 with a tp of 1.32943 and a buy limit with same price . I am currently in 100 pips profit thanks to your great video. i took the trades according to my understanding i hope its ok ? i took oil market in the consideration too.Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong. thanks a lot once again.

Abraham V. says:

After some months of demo account i just got real, its a micro account (1lot = 1000 units instead of 100,000) but its ok for now to see how can i mentally manage losses. Thanks again Akil

artwell hlengwa says:

You are the MAN!!!!

Darin Menezes says:

If I could I would always be giving you a double thumbs up, unfortunately Fb hasn't provided for that option …lol. Thanks Akil for doing what you do…!

Ben Blackshaw says:

You guys think USDCAD has potential for 1.42 again?

oli watts says:

by the way this is Ian not Oli Akil wrong account

oli watts says:

How Akil where is thw american football gone that was behind you

Shik Chel says:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Daniel Pickin says:

Nice video Akil

Tbessix220 says:

Why you don't do a video about your loosing trades ?

Lex Edward says:

what platform did you use?

Kgosi Mphehle says:

Hey Akil…great video as always. Quick question- what exactly is the relationship between higher time frames and lower time frames with regard to a potential setup that one may have identified??

Nick Pozarski says:

Akil its incredible how clearly you explain things. Thank you so much for your contribution

Ahadul Islam says:

Usd/jpy Video is not helpful, because market already made that move.

Irfan Khan says:

Great videos. Thanks

Z32TT says:

Getting there.. something that confuses me from the way you mark up your charts, why do you use the wicks rather that the bodies?

Thanks again for this kind of videos, they are pretty amazing and helpful

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