4-Year-Old Girl Showing Harsh Reality of Cancer In Heartbreaking Photo Has Died

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This photo of a four-year-old fighting for her life broke the hearts of strangers. Now, her dad says she’s free from all the pain. Jessica Whelan died after battling an aggressive cancer that affected her nervous system. Multiple treatments and surgeries didn’t help the toddler. That’s when doctors gave her weeks to live. Her father shared this image of his baby on Facebook so people could see the darkness of childhood cancer.


Night Fall says:

I'm so sorry for her dad why did god take so soon but it's god choice to take stay strong

HorseyTube says:

Poor thing. If only she lived for 1 more year! The cure for cancer would have been out by then. I know because my mom has found out the cure for cancer.

ML123 says:

I Cried And I'm Heartbroken :'(

Song vs Gaming says:

R.I.P Jessica

SydneyH says:

At least she's free from the suffering I know how it feels I've lost family from cancer and it's really hard….

donna hercules says:

Her dying wish was to talk to Harry styles and it came true

chezchez cheese says:

Rest In Peace. At least she is free of pain and up with the angels.

Maura Ingraham says:

This video made me cry. When I saw the picture, I didn't want to accept the fact that cancer had won. At least this sweet baby girl is free

ItzJustLisa says:

Im happy and sad at the same time Im happy because now she doesnt have to feel the pain and sad because even if I dont know her im still sad about that painful deatha

Leafy is Trigered says:


Mitchell Lee says:

Is god testing us ?

The G Show says:

R.I.P. Little girl, I am sorry that you had to go through this but may you be happy in Heaven now

massy! moo! says:

🙁 so sad man

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