Shark Logo Design Tutorial with Circular Grid

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In this video, we will learn to make shark logo design with circular grid in Inkscape. If we made in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW definitely easier. Well, What if in Inkscape? Okay, we watch the video…

Download logo sketch and wireframe

Thanks for watching this inkscape tutorial video, if there is an error word, I’m sorry…

Credit link – Tom Anders Watkins


ArtFactory says:

Very great job !! creative

Cal Wild says:

this is an illustration made by Tom Anders, a well known graphic designer. Not your illustration

Joshua Lorenzo says:


Maulana Yusuf says:

keren gan tutorialnya, ane kira itu corel ternyata Inkscape linux haha,..

Fajar Saechun says:

keren mas…

Kgas S says:

Thanks for this tutorial.

VannTile Ianito says:

This is a great one! Cheers!

Paul Dahmer says:

ohh thanks great trick brother u solve my problem

Rezo Gogolashvili says:

Irfan Prastiyanto Thanks for great tutorial!

IndoLens says:

mas, boleh minta script code pallet yang kamu pakai di tutorial spektrum warna gak?

Erick Lima says:

How i make this in corel draw?

Indio Armani says:

maksude opo dikasi bunder2?

Danilo Jr says:

Hi, what Linux theme is that? Btw, ty for the nice tutorial.

Adhi Baskara says:

I'm sure it would be more fluent if you used Indonesian. Don't be afraid to use Indonesian man, be proud to be an Indonesian. Maybe put English subtitles? Great video tho =D

Mukund Gaikwad says:

Helpful Thanks !!

chandra kurniawan says:

your English is good, but medok 🙂 Btw thanks :)

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