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So, it’s my fourth round of chemo and I’m feeling like a seasoned vet by now. With two cycles down, my hair is starting to thin a lot so I’ve decided to cut it short to prevent any more drastic hair loss (aka knots and clumps! wish me luck!).

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William Ramsey says:

Sometimes Lymphoma can be related to a virus. Sometimes Specific ones.
I think the EB virus is one of them I believe. But regardless of which was, a friend and I began to approach things as though it was. Soon after he went into remisson and has been now for about two years. Please look into what things you can easily purchase and take that kills viruses. It seemed to have worked for him. Apologies for the book cover it
puts beside my comment. It tags me that way. Hoping this helps you or someone.

Jaimee Gundlach says:

You are so inspirational. I'm inspired to work out while going through this thought it was illegal or something. Thank you for making these videos. I've only done one session of chemo, and I've been so scared about my hair falling out, I got a pixie cut. But I like you with short hair, it really suits you

Thalia Garcia says:

I was diagnostic with lymphoma cancer like two weeks ago, starting chemo in 3 weeks. I'll be looking forward for more videos. ;)

tensaidekopon says:

Do you planning to upload your hair-cutting movie? It seems cool.

convictch22 says:

Wow you are amazing. Great video kick that cancers ass in lol

Lacey Lynn says:

I love your videos! I just had my first treatment yesterday and after went through pretty bad pain. Watching you is helping me, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

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