Rescue of exhausted dog clinging for life in a deep well

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A dog had fallen into a deep well filled with water and had no way to get out. She had managed to find a little ledge on the side of the well to cling to–but she had been there for several hours by the time a few children spotted her and she was exhausted and terribly afraid. Watch her beautiful rescue!

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Michelle Davis says:

I work at the humane society I see stuff like this all the time. and it doesn't get easier too look at. it's always feels like my first day on the job.

Michelle Davis says:

i love animals I can't believe there r evil ppl out here who neglects and beatens their animals. I have a cat who I spoil. every animal deserves the right to live and be happy…

DeGamendeCube says:

good work you do people!

FeelSo Good says:

You guys are the real saviours and you should be honored and rewarded for your great work. I'm really sad becouse i cant donate too much.. i really wish to be a rich a little bit to donate to help you :/ Keep you great work!! :)

Almond w says:

Teas of happyness to see this dog being saved by you guys Thank youuuuu.

Flavio Renato says:

44 PSYCHPATS dislike it? unbelievable how much 'excrement' live amongst good humans.

Ashish Mishra says:

What was dog doing there , taking a bath.

Pino Mastrangelo says:

Thanks for making such an impactful change to not only the world, but these precious dogs that need help and love. :)

Conchi Ventura Pesas says:

Merçi per ajudar als animals.
Ells son els nostres amics.

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