The U.S Economic Storm That Will Crash The Global Economy

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In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey. The two discuss serious economic turmoil that is inevitable. As well as the bond market, super bubbles and not only what to expect in the future but how you can safe guard yourself.

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denzcon says:

+wearechange – thats pastor Greg Laurie lurking in the background….. Megachurch leader.

ros1tony says:

US is funneling weapons all over the world… if things go south in the 3rd world, the despots are scared shitless, there fore they continue to offer us credit. Brilliant.


All for the love of money.  How much can anybody use or need.

Meso Phyl says:

ywaahh a guy in an hawaiian shirt is so credible. lol

marcus24000 says:

just an idee but what if people wouldnt vote,what if they said fuck them and do there own thing and started not to pay anny attension in that direction just let them all be and we the people start doing our own thing :)

Harold Saive says:

This is an old interview

Nicholas Brandimarte says:

He made a good point about who trump has picked

Kelly Boyd says:

Why the old video? This is before Hi liar y was even placed into the nomination.

soakedbearrd says:

Love your interview style.

james farr says:

hi could you please cover the act of war the united States committed against Syria we murderd 62+ of there armed forces because they attacked our proxy army isis and according to the cease fire deal the united States is supposed to alert them when attacking just so happens this time they didn't.

HerosComment says:

How old is this video? You got any new content that you can claim is new?

Bumps in the night says:

" and finally it turns out he's a good guy, he's the ant-Christ "

Bare-bones JOE says:

good im glad it will crash. people will show their true colours when they eat each other. people will shout governments will oppress more through martin law people will fight back but that wont last long because soldiers wont work for free so the governments will then rely on drones, chemicle and biological weapons to WIN their cause.

Polly Thurkettle says:

Great, another interview with CIA agent Doug Casey. How's your bitcoin doing, Doug?

I Say We NUKE The Whole Fucking Planet says:

Only I have the answer

Mikro Plasm says:

Many are saying that China will take the world down because their economy has even more voodoo than ours.

bottle2lip says:

this guy is an idiot

Sayit AsItIs says:

Corrupt Federal Reserve – Treasury and major banks caused the crash – all owned and controlled by Zionists. Coincidence or not?

Boo Ya says:

Argentina's "booming"? and recommends Africa?? are we missing something here….

bovgoeswoowoo says:

Bahahaha. "Americans love the military, idiots that they are". FINALLY someone says it. The US armed forces fight for the tyrants (Zionist Israel) that are taking down the country, but when you tell them that they get all pissed off. They only care about their Rothschild fiat currency paycheck and keeping it coming in, they don't care about the country. Americans have been bamboozled for thinking that the US armed forces "fight for freedom".

Pablo Fernández says:

Good job, Luke. Been waiting anxiously for Doug's "sextet" novel for 2-3 years already… gotta get myself a copy now that it's finally out!

Jake Hansen says:

I have heard the BS about global collaps for years. And it's always THIS YEAR USA wil crash. blah blah. Remember how they suckered everyone into buying silver only to see the silver price take a nose dive. Don't fall for this sheit. Max Kaiser and others made a killing telling everyone that silver would hit $100 in no time when it was around $40. Every sucker went in the bouble and it crashed exploded shortly after. Now 5 years later it's still hovering around $20.

randomlook says:

Who are these guys with the Phoenix badges listening in? go Zimbabwe Luke.

jo johns says:

bla bla bla luke your no different than all the others that we quit watching,you suck ,try something new ,the economy has been failing for ever .your just like alex ,the sky is falling shit,it just doesnt happen and your friend sucks roo,get a job you little pussy.and your really ugly too.

APeacefulWarrior says:

faaark i hate that sreamming start.!!!!! Turned off as soon as i finished writing this.

Gareth Jones says:

According to Wikipedia the USA is ranked fourth globally by average income, not 11th!
More bullshit!!!
Question EVERYTHING people!!!

Coinballs says:

Africa, fucking lol

WakeUpThe.US says:

Never been more broke in my life wouldnt really mind if the economy crashesat this point. Atleast I got like 50 oz of silver and more food and water prepared than anyone else

Chris Gaming says:

Luke, what are your thoughts on individuals forming Micronations like Sealand and Liberland? Wouldn't it be a good thing since they aren't being anyone's puppets?

Mollygaga42 says:

Meanwhile,America is spending 480 billion on there military.

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