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With recent polls nudging towards Leave, a Brexit no longer looks like a long shot. As the referendum draws closer, DW correspondents have visited Romford, the UK’s most Euroskeptic community, and Aberystwyth, its most pro-European.

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telstar9 says:

Its worth pointing out that Brexit had most votes in Wales ,,,,,, England and Wales have always been together, all the way back to Agincourt and before ,so its not true to say they are closer to Europe . Basically massive rivalry between the 2 countries but at the end of the day its always been us 2.

chucks mum says:

To sum up the Welsh want 'free stuff' and the English 'have no option but to pay for it plus a hefty addition for bureaucracy'.

1MuchButteR1 says:

What does being part of EU have to do with feeling "European?"

Ben Harris says:

2:13 "partly due to EU fundings" the EU subsidies comes out of our tax money which we earn via working what on earth is he on about the EU doesn't just make money appear

gregor santospif says:

End the EU my friends, a bright future for Britain with control of our own democracy.

FartingFoulFarts this noise:- says:

The UK is deeply divided between:

-superstate socialists who want to dissolve our national identity and make us become a vague, classified, EU drone collective, and who inhabit all our political parties, media and education centers and the people indoctrinated by them…


– Normal British people who want our country back and CAN'T BELIEVE we don't have taxation without representation, which leads to everything else.

There are those who wonder what we are voting for in elections. This BREXIT thing has revealed our politician's true alliances that were previously hidden behind various party smoke screens, before.

yiliang brooke says:

Please when you vote OUT,

vote with a pen NOT a pencil.

John Adams says:

It all sounds like a fairy tale where those nasty bears from europe stealing all our porridge

John Adams says:

It all sounds like a fairy tale where those nasty dragons from europe stealing all our porridge

RFE says:

There you have it.


We're being bribed to stay in with our own money for the EU occupiers.

Ghassen Smaoui says:

High speed internet and train station ?? Oh !

Miike08 Pennia says:

That was a good story, really do not get the whole view from Wales or Britain to find out what people think in this referendum.

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