Top 5 phone cameras (of the first half) of 2016!

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The first major phone releases of 2016 have been reviewed, but which produce the best photos and videos? Here’s our top 5 list of the best smartphone shooters for the first half of 2016!

HTC 10 Real Camera Review
Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review
LG G5 Real Camera Review
Huawei P9 Real Camera Review


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Ankur Bhardwaj says:

Yellow teeths !!!

Ted Velez says:

Hello Sir! May i ask what are the sensor sizes on the cameras?

What the Hell no more bees says:

ok wheres lumia man the g5 with the uglyest camera here lol guys go look at lumia 950 xl video guys its beast o and im chilling here with a iphone 4 s

Ahmad Naufal says:

please update this content

Manish Pokhrel says:

you miss sony xpraia series. WHY?

Rafael LK says:

Were is the Lenovo Vibe Shot? Where are the Chinese phones? Sorry, but a it's a bad top 5.

Userv Dragon says:

p9 camera ♔

Dj Bill James says:

No Sony Xperia??

Team Altitude says:

p9 best camera ever

Mikael Falk says:

I wish the samsung would put their finger print sensors on the back of the phone :)

Viktor Gerov says:

Where did samsung get that burst mode from, probably wasnt apple right?

kent vun says:

which would be the best low light in door camare?

Rushi Patel says:

So many but butt hurt lg fans

Ravi D says:

Htc 10 better in camera performance than iphone 6s or 6s plus? Really?

chee keong says:

Awesome!!! Review :)

Mia Poole says:

yeah but they meant Moto and Moto g is good anyway I had one

Tejas gandhi says:

Sir I feel even Microsoft lumia 950 n 950xl beats Samsung hands down
With full manual shooting

Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad says:

where is sony Z5?

Rekkles EU says:

tbh the iphone looked worst than the p9

Mia Poole says:

Well my phone has got a camera like my eyes… I have 20 20 vision!!

Mia Poole says:

My phone has a REALLY good cam why isn't it there?

xXBJaafarXx says:

what about xperia z5 ?

Baku Razin says:


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