I Wish I Knew This When I Started: Logo Design

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Lessons learned from starting a design company. How to charge more for a logo design. Why do some designers feel guilty about charging for creative services? Why charge $50 for a logo? Why did you continue to charge so little?

On this episode, Ben Burns (a Youtube fan) joins us on the show as he recounts stories about getting started in design and charging clients $50 for a logo. He was happy and felt a sense of validation.

Later on, he heard about other designers like Aaron Draplin charging $20k and thought “Wow! That’s amazing. But there’s no way I could charge that.”

Is this a problem you’re facing? Then watch this episode.

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2:40 First logos and competing to work at spec via O Desk
5:18 Q: Why didn’t it occur to you to ask for more money?
8:47 Q: Have you ever run into a situation where clients ask you for more?
9:59 Value your time as more than a commodity, and don’t give it away for free.
12:00 Lack of symmetry in logic
14:18 The Difference is confidence in the value that you provide
15:20 You can do the same work, but you have to position it differently to charge more.

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Anthony Foxx (The Bearded Ninja) says:

if theres such thing as a design boner, I have it now.

Joslyn Schmitt says:

"Fiverr is homeless and odesk is like the projects." I love this show. Funny, real, and always offering great insight. Keep up the great work.

jhenriquez91 says:

Living in a 3rd world country I started with 10 – 15$ illustrations – sketches at fiverr, at one time I was earning more than most of my friends who were working in-house in here (currency exchange benefits $ income over local currency by a lot). I saved money, got a month mentorship with a concept artist for character design, that got me the skills to start charging 50$ or something. After a year Im turning my best fiverr clients over to direct contact bypassing the platform and charging 100-200 per piece (and I can do them faster now), now I feel my skills are enough to get an studio job once I move to Europe. If I would give me an advice I would tell me to start working on networking and building an audience from day 1, even with the crappy skills I had a year ago. Loved this series Chirs, keep them comming. It would be great if you could get together with some marketing – social media experts to share some thoughts on that topic.

Equinox Entertainment says:

And here I was creating my first logo for $15 :')

Rishabh Tiwari says:

great video #chris . everything was great but can you tell me how to make good network?? which can help us ..!!

Antônio Cândido says:

Love your channel guys, very informative stuff. :)

yamajii san says:

ive done one for $10. desperate times

Phresh Ideas + Designs says:

Great interview. Thanks! Hey, @ 13:57, you mentioned a "guide"…could you tell me the name of said guide?

Kenneth Mwiti says:

why does this channel have less subs than KSI? Humans.

Praveen Gupta says:

Hey Crish & Ben, a great episode on logo design, I wish someone told me all these things earlier. I created whole website for less than 5k (INR) for my friend but actually we agreed for more.

Hoan Lee says:

Symmetry of People's logic. – like that. good story, i'm waiting for part II.

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