5 Best UFO SUPERMOON Sightings Caught On Camera!

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5 Best UFO SUPERMOON Sightings Caught On Camera! A few days ago everyone was out recording video of the Supermoon. I wanted to take at some of the best most credible UFO Supermoon videos. I also wanted to talked about the UFO Supermoon video that went viral fast thanks to online Tabloid attention. Let’s take a closer look!
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VIDEO SOURCES (In No Particular Order)
SOURCE. INTRO UFO Transport Video
SOURCE 1. Courtesy Of David McCarty “UFO IN Transit” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVAgCQ68arA
SOURCE 2. 2 UFOs 1 Spawns Orb! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1f6_1479263553
SOURCE 3. Jagged Mysterious UFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcX2gvbUSz4
SOURCE 4. Youtube Ch “HANCE” UFO Supermoon Fast Unknown Objects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvrozy1W9kg&t=17s
SOURCE 5. UFOs exposed…Balloons hoaxing? Online news tabloids exposed by putting anything up? What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4jqKaci4Us

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MUSIC BY CO.AG & Kevin Macleod & Teknoaxe

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THE Gaming BOSS says:

A plane and a bird wow .

Shinwar 7Z says:

Amazing video . . . and i wish you all the best with your Patreon

derocov says:

I like your channels objective approach and you clearly pinpoint all important pitfalls that we who crave for UFO related video seem to plunge into daily. The super moon was beautiful yesterday and I just enjoyed it with two eyes and no technology involved. Hey Rick, keep the good work up! : )
We will see insane and unbelievable things on the moon in the 4K era.

Christina Lane says:

I took some pictures of the super full moon and capture some unbelievable photos that prove we're not alone, check them out and let me know what you think

Sam Netherton says:

So with the size of the moon how big would the last ones have to be?

BRUH WE DO IT (Bruh we do it) says:

I took video my self f the super moon and found a object on the moon that looks like a UFO that's landed in the moon can you check it out and tell me what you think it is

BRUH WE DO IT (Bruh we do it) says:

I took video my self f the super moon and found a object on the moon that looks like a UFO that's landed in the moon can you check it out and tell me what you think it is

Joey Fernandez says:

wow that would be huge and flying to the back side of the moon

Jonathan Chandler says:

Number 1 is very very good.

dialeigh slow says:

On the last video could the bottom UFO be some kind of shadow?

Rolando Flores says:

i saw the same 2 black dots with my binoculars.

Jordan Butler says:

Rick I saw you in a Christmas movie on TV with Terrance Howard from Empire in it! WTF!! Why don't u tell anyone? Big follower of ur Ghost movie vid ch. I rewinded and paused it. I know it was you! You were in a rock band in a recording in a scene with some comedian that looked like Eddie Murphy in a recording studio!! I would be bragging if it was me. Holy sht!

TONY McKenna says:

My name Tony from Liverpool England I believe that there is life out there.but ufo's possible I have never seen one so have difficult y in believing

Wojciech Szulc says:

super fylms..

Carlos Loff says:

Even if you use a n equivalent to a photographic 1.000mm zoom and even if you close the diafragm to an equivalent of F10, when you focus something that is a 100.000 Km away – and the moon is even far, you get a dept of field that will keep in focus everything that it is 99996 Km in front of the focused subject, so what I mean by this is – when you focuse something as far as the moon, you get in focus whatever crosses the sky – ON EARTH = Right in front of it – DOF

Carlos Loff says:

Its a damm plane, lol, cameras have that dof and is closer than the moon, much closer, thereby the aparent speed – you even noticed the fuel jet trails provocating difraction in the light

Lion Girl says:

why all pictures and videos of Ufo are fogy,noone show true picture of them!?


From 911 to chemtrails to the ssp. I am so sick of the lies and secrets. I hate all of you spooks and hope you all burn in hell.

sami bhatti says:

i seen ufo man really i promis god promis

Dana49ers says:

You destroyed that news ufo sighting with class. Nicely done! I love the way you make your videos. They are like works of art in there own special way. I mean it.

Judy H says:

Luv,luv,luv! Nobody does it like you hun!

Vexus 123456789 says:

That was crashlanding !

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