10 Jaw-Dropping UFO Sightings Caught On Camera

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From a UFO caught on the BBC News to a flying object dropping glowing orbs down on Earth, join us as we take a look at 10 UFO sightings caught on camera. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1wn5P9a

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10 UFO Sightings Caught on Camera

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reaed me says:


MaD GaMeR 0411 says:

Or the 9th one was probably a plane

Fat Fudge I Na says:

how dumb can people be to believe that #7 is real its a fucking pelican from halo

Christian Payne says:

lol headlights? In the sky? People will say ANYTHING to convince themselves that we aren't being visited.

The BBC live footage of the protest is the single most convincing piece of footage I've ever seen. The fact that it was a live recording, and the maneuvers that the craft makes leaves no doubt in my mind.

It's very interesting how people have been seeing flying disc-shaped objects in the sky for thousands of years (there's even cave drawings of UFOs), yet people always come up with some sort of explanation for what it really is. Even Socrates reported seeing lights hovering around the moon, long before we had planes and satellites. Christopher Columbus' journal reports seeing a cigar shaped object rise up out of the ocean, hover for a bit, and then zoom away at a very fast rate. Weather balloons, swamp gas, headlights, fog reflecting lights, lens flares, meteorites, hallucinogens, etc. I find it hard to believe that not even ONE sighting has been genuine. And when it comes down to it…that's all that is needed…just ONE genuine sighting.

Carlos Junior says:

São pouquíssimos registros que temos até hoje. Com tanta tecnologia atualmente, não dá pra entender que não haja mais imagens. Faltam boas provas; sobra fé!

Daa WeeD says:

no.3 can be a drone lots of people have them

Yassin Osama says:

Not real

CCdude says:

bunch o' lights in the sky again–1 or 2 good stuff jaw dropping would be a close fly over………

no name says:

most of these are drones or close up sperm cells like #6

LukaGames says:


Bewildering Truth Seeker says:

As far as #7 goes… U said if someone can translate what the couple is saying… But we can't even hear them speaking… Sooooo….? Did u just forget to add that something?

Tired of being stared at says:

Today I took a shit in a sink. It was good

Richi Mccourt says:

me and my wife were walking to the shop 2 years ago in Tiverton England the weather was pretty bad and it was about 8oclock in the evening my wife said what's that I look over at a house and I thought I was just a fare helter-skelter behind it in the field we walked closer and it wasn't it was a craft shaped like the top of one round like a child's spinning top toy. It was about 2 meters across just hovering there above there house with its lights on a Redish light was coming out the bottom of it. Its skin looked metallic almost white with it lights I said what the fuck we were meters from it. It was silent then it just went black and we herd a sonic boom and it was gone it just shot up into the sky.it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. what was it top secret drone or aliens I dont know


She was saying *hey did you see the waiter she said she would be back by now * then she gasps and quietly said " honey l l l l look

Roleplay And More! says:

2:40 I live in poland. And that ufo near the plane, was real.. My brother saw it 1st.. But it diddnt come our way just the other way.. like @.@

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