Top 10 Funny Performances Got Talent

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Top 10 Funny Performances Got Talent
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SoddyTV says:

that's so so so so so scandales :D

brendan lee says:

haha ms frenches laugh on the second act

It's just me, Okay says:

DEvid WELlinghAm

Karnage Killer says:

Sub to me and I will sub to you(reply done so I know)

joe roberto says:

Who will like this comment for no reason? xD

Lillie Van Poelgeest says:

I love all of these there so funny and good

Luis Pena says:

what time on the vid does the feninine guy comes on plz tell me and fuck idk how to spell

darkoz says:

i very good

Abraham Luciano says:

7 dick Dallas

Donald Trump says:

the first guy was just cringey

piXel Is Pro says:

The first guy was copying Lee Evans!!!

Harry James says:

I love that song

Tenebris Ebur says:

Ugh, that guy from Ed and James doing the dancing was so hot lmao xD

Madness player says:

R.I.P jay Russel

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