Watch Live: The 2nd Presidential Debate

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WATCH NOW as Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump go head-to-head in a town-hall style debate where real voters get to ask the questions. It’s totally unscripted and, after this weekend’s controversial leaked audio, anything can happen. Be there when it does, with CBSN. Always on.


Chicken Frenzy says:

Why does that fly keep landing on her? It was on her face and her shirt. Lol

rockie0708 says:

I can't stop replaying from 22 mins, where trump destroys her. Her face says it all. Legend trump

LeeWang85 says:

35:35 i was worried he's gonna grab her ass.

Joseph Locantore says:


upandabove567 says:

looks like she screwed her self

Craig Chappel says:

Wait, This isn't live!

Trevor Bailey says:

Bull Connor = Democrat
George Wallace = Democrat ran for president on racism
Then when African Americans won there right to vote the Democrats started sucking up to them. Which they have done nothing for the inner cities. Trump wants to bring jobs to the inner cities. He actually wants to help and in return hes gets Hate.

Feel free to fact check

blagovest doganov says:

I can see why Trump Won. :). Fuck you Hillary, this is YOUR FAULT!

flib grey says:

God Trump is your new President now ! ♥
Go look at the video on my channel where Ann Coulter was laughed at when she said Trump will win (If you want to of course)

Daria Yurlova says:

I LOVE THIS DEBATE. never ever in the whole universe Clinton would have gotten a vote from me after this debate

Daria Yurlova says:

fake liar corrupt arrogant bitch ranting about fake liberal values that she has no care about apart from getting her into presidents chair!!!!

Tiffany Wade says:

Dear trump, i hope that u learn how to be a president because all the rasist things u done u will learn what u did wrong to america to those people who voted for trump ya'll are wrong. i hope he goes to hell for being rasist no one likes a rasist person no one trump why don't u tell the truth to everybody that u being rasist!.

Taylor Bassalay says:

lol trump won

Bella Tanner says:

Trump took a beating from the dishonest media, but he punched back and never gave up, and he won!!

M I C H M I C H says:

Donna leaked it, but Trump still won haha

LowLinK says:

Making the economy work for everyone.. When she represented the bankers interest lmao

Vidhur Savyasachin says:

Trump for president…

LokiV says:

well done Donald Trump…Clinton LOL

Mk Bln says:

president trump greatest president he will be build that frickin wall uk

saile 3 says:

Republican leaders supporting trump are just racist, bigots, and idiots fearmongering and provoking everybody with their big mouths and with their stupidity.

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