Tucker Carlson reacts to Donald Trump winning the presidency

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Insight from host of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’


Regina Powell says:

My state of Arkansas turned Red! Because we are tired of being left out and forgot about!

Mike T. says:

"Preside over"? Prick. lol

Rock Fortune says:

Trump ended up winning both, the popular vote and the EC. Whew!

Bigfoottehchipmunk says:

…"out of touch with the people preside over. .." How about, "…kind of ignore the people we're serving on behalf of…"

Dennis Vance says:

How did Trump get elected? "It happened because we don't understand the country we preside over." That says it all.

Robert Belcher says:

DC does not have enough streetlamps from which to HANG the lobbyists.

mt L says:

lol kilmeade and Carlson..

Trump150% says:

Congrats Tucker Carlson, we know we can depend on you giving us news and truth not spin and a bias opinion.

lilly bloom says:

This show is one of the few on Fox that remained loyal to Trump throughout it all. The most loyal person ever, Lou Dobbs, is somebody you would want in a Fox Hole with you. He never let up. Nobody could give him a day's doubt! He's been knowing DT for thirty years, and that's why he knew he is a great leader.
Great celebration at Trump Hqs; it was so quiet at the Clinton Hqs that you could hear an email being deleted. I loved it!

KeethKon says:

Fox news is the last media to survive. I'm calling it now.

Melatonin says:

Tucker "U Know I Fucked Her" Carlson at it again

Ben Jonson says:

They need to get out of LA and New York City and visit America.

Fabian Patrizio says:

…I honestly think Trump's Presidency will be amazing :)

Fabian Patrizio says:

one word = GOD

GOD put Trump in there, that much is clear…with EVERYTHING against him, he still won 🙂
thanks GOD!!!! :)

Rene Robyn says:

We've been saying it since after the Primary that the polls were fake bcos Trump's crowd vs Hillary's was like Australia vs Fiji…yet this bimbo slut Megyn Kelly kept saying "Crowd size does not translate to voters as per Mit Romney's".

MelodyOfVision says:

I like Tucker Carlson. I'm going to watch his show!

FclefRules says:

Michael Moore was right before this guy was right

neb Bernhoft says:

Trump's victory was providence.

Frederick Giordani says:

The Dummycrats are in shock mode they need a safe zone for their tears of fear lol

ken car says:

hey everyone WHERES the NUKES OBAMA PUT in TURKEY 50 LOST OR ???

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

I like Ainsley more too. Can't help myself.

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