Fox News Electoral Scorecard shows gains for Trump

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Decision team members Daron Shaw and Chris Stirewalt explain changes on ‘America’s Election HQ’


Mike Hunt says:

these guys were way off

Lar says:

Always thought fox was somewhat more objective than most but not any more.

J Trice says:

So once again, we see that the so-called "experts" don't know CRAP!!!!!

Matt S says:


G G says:

Republicans, how does it make you feel that Trump himself said to People magazine in 1998, "If I were to run I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox news. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific." Try to get educated in other ways than Fox News Republicans, it is the most biased network I have ever seen. Trump has been caught in countless lies; this billionaire doesn't care about the working class. He made his fortunate off the back of the working class and becoming President will only swell his egomania. Dr. GG

rowmin goat says:

how wrong you were

william boley says:

The question: How can Texas be anything other than Republican? re: Because people are leaving California and moving to Texas and bringing their politics with them. Democrats soil their nest then move to somewhere else ( Republican areas ) – This process repeats.

eduardo luna says:

Guys from US, I'd like make a question only for US citizens (Born in US)
…Do you all not want mexicans in US?…

I'm here tryin' to understand how can a person like trump president of the US!!

It's like our president He's an asshole.. but at least we didn't decide him, Someone else made him president!!
after of all I don't live in US, That's the reason I'm making this question

I'd only like to know that!

Ben Dover says:

Wrong Trump won

colomboBE says:

Now Trump has won, you can see how stupid these people are.

Dimitrije Ivanovic says:

pusi te ga amerikanci tramp je srbin

Max van Dijk says:

WW3 here we come

S Atwater says:

Congrats hitler won. The KKK won. THe NRA won.

NM NM says:

Now who is having Last LAUGH!!!We the American People who voted for TRUMP!!!!!

crazymoon67 says:

Ahhh not….find a new job bud lol!

Paul Fradue says:

President trump won and they are funny lol

MINDisLIFE says:

What kind of crap prediction is that? Totally opposite!

MIS315 says:

funny thing is some news sources projected she had a 96% chance of winning.

Alfonzo Gucci says:

congratulations US! just avoid WW3!

kyle d says:

Donald Trump just became the most powerful man in the world. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Amir Loti says:

bustard Americans bustard Trump is good for you fukerrs

Vishan Raj says:

TRUMP 2016!!!

sdq sdq says:

America = white power ?

Harsha Mahadev says:

Fox for Trump !!

380 Badie says:

world war coming soon

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