How to Make a Homemade Robot | Science Experiments

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How to Make a Homemade Robot | Science Experiments, in this DIY tutorial how to make a homemade robot for science fair. Cool Science Experiment




Humanity exe says:

not even a robot hand, you made a back scratcher

Subhash Varshapally says:

No clarity

Hassanal Mbwana says:

Hey there,i tried this thing and it really worked.Anyone else who tried making it?please commentz

RexTheGreat says:

besides, how is that a robot?!

RexTheGreat says:

rename it. a robot hand. i was searching for help for my science project and this video was here all along.

Lee Mitho says:

next time give the right title for your video.. 🙂
this is only a robots hand…not a full robot..
i liked the idea anyways

Julia Caprecia says:

what the hell was that??? O.o

Olivia Grae says:

You wrote subscribe wrong

Shobhit Nigam says:

It does not open last long I will die but it will not open

Science whiz kid says:

A robot is a machine designed to do a specific task controlled manually or through commuters or ai is used this is a simple robotic hand that is manually controlled

Rusty Dustroller says:

ok i hit the subscribe button!! who else did if u read this comment then SUBSCRIBE TO MY FRIEND KIPKAY plz

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