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2016 Presidential Election Results | Get the latest updates and state-by-state analysis of the 2016 US Presidential Election.

The long-awaited 2016 election day is finally here, and it could be a historic one for a number of different reasons. The United States could elect its first female president Hillary Clinton; Republicans could take back the White House with Donald Trump after two terms of Democratic control; there could be record voter turnout and the leading campaign election night parties will both be in New York.

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Salty Salts (Salty Salt Salts) says:

4:02:00 is when the Fun begins

MertensCW says:

Hispanic woman at 6:02:00 had some decent things to say but was a joke when she said Trump saying blacks in live in Hell Holes was a diss of some sort. That's reality not only for poor blacks but poor people in general.
Also the black guy on the panel is A MORON and so it seems was their "math" white guy. The only clown on MSM who couldn't call States right… ABC's coverage was the worst of the night.

MarkS1356 says:

Poor little liberal shills. Lol

NZ1967 says:

Fox news had far superior coverage.

Darkfalz says:

What is this, the B team? Or the Z team?

Squire Jim says:

Saving this video so I can watch over and over again the fall of the news media

Chloe Anderson says:

NO actually according to the wikileaks e-mails…CNN did what's called VOTER SUPPRESSION. Just stop. We know what you been doing asshats !!! Oh & she's a major CRIMINAL !!!

rickyt43515 says:

ABC did their liberal best to not call PA for Trump hours after every other media outlet had. Bozo's

daniel 155 says:

This ABC News B team coverage

NZ1967 says:

The old woman in blue has verbal diarrhea. She drones on and on and on…..

Mark Johnson says:

So ABC used these bozos instead of their front line news people?

lehoaivn says:

The black guy is completely brain washed extreme leftist idiot

Molfish says:

re: that Mexican 'comedian', as Trump has been saying all along, they're not sending their best.

07cmm says:

Skipping through this just to see how their night went here… wow, those Clinton-bought-and-paid-for shills crack me up.

Fast Track says:

Choo choo

JJ McCartney says:

Does any young "journalist" realize that they are supposed to report, not emote. And that they are supposed to report as though they were watching a typical everyday activity unfolding, and their main job is simply to be a conduit for information, not opinion. They should ask people how they "feel", they should simply relay what happens.

The mainstream media is part of the reason that Hillary lost. They were so in the tank for Hillary that it served as an abrasive grind on our nerves, and an insult to our intelligence.

Molfish says:

Anti-whites BTFO

Eric S says:

lz granderson is terrible political analyst. smug, out of touch, and not very knowledgeable on the reality of the populous. awful

Mark Brown says:

Very embarrassing for ABC News. They had essentially called the race for Hillary before the vote was counted. I guess their algorithms were off. Way off.

danfreed says:

The retarded media got it wrong, oh nooooooo

Robert Lange says:

The black guy with the long hair (sorry I don't know his name) just said something ridiculously stupid. He said the Democrats got more votes in the 2014 midterms, but lost the seats?? What??? Midterms are congressional seats and do not use the Electoral College. The Democrats got shellacked. They did not get more votes, it's impossible. Where do they find these idiots?

N.W.A. says:

that fat black woman is so much drama.

rizon72 says:

Listening to this there was no balance.  It was put down republican at every chance you can.  No wonder this country is so screwed up with journalists like this being so biased against about half the population.

Robert Lange says:

These people are sleaze. Joking that Trump wouldn't do the right thing and concede on Twitter. Ironically it was their queen who refused to concede. SCUM.

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