Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election

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Donald J. Trump: “I’ve just received a call from Sec. Hillary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.”

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Kian karr says:

neoliberals are satanic cult

Logan Youdontneedtoknow says:

You people are absolutely pathetic. As a nation we should accept the election and not speak out, unless bad actions have been made. Due to Trump's character, yes, I do suspect that some things may go differently than planned. The point is, don't go screaming "Not my president!" until you are 100% sure he shouldn't be. As for Republicans, you are also acting childish. You as a party have won the election. However, that does not make it right to act like a bunch of 5 year olds, and instigate the liberals. They are acting childish, and you are worsening the situation by acting equally childish. In short, you all are acting like Opinionated little children, and it's absolutely sad. I truly hope that this nation matures.

Martin Macias says:

I can see Trump Care Coming lol

The Sutherland Girls says:

go trump!!!!!!!!!!

Lag1914 says:

I knew the Republicans wouldn't go down without a fight, But this is different, they crossed the line. You crossed the line too. You hammered them and in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand. Donald Trump isn't looking for anything logical. he can't be bought, bullied reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Starting tonight America will die. I'm a man of my word.

Log Chi says:

if youre a woman and you voted for him, you deserve to get slapped in the face

Log Chi says:

Trump sucks

john lee says:

From Russia With Love…

Donald Trump says:

Our country is fucked, trump is going to accidentally bomb USA instead of ISIS

rasz baxter says:

wow  44,926  comments….I  will  just     add  that  im  glad   trump  won  instead  of  Hillary.  we  all  know  that  her  in  office  would  be  a  disaster….nationwide  and  worldwide……and  a  continuation  of  obamas  bullshit.  at  least   with  trump  there  is  the  slight  possibility  of  this  country actually  becoming  GREAT…..and  less  warmongering  on  behalf   of  Israel  in  the  middle  east…and  to  a  lesser  degree  Russia……wait  and  see.

Rusty S says:

Trump winning the election is a push back against the liberal, corruption and socialism this country is trying to become.

MrBarrio123 says:

That nigga Trump mentioned on quitting the presidency on his first day. What a quitter! Typical white niggas quitting on their first day on the job.


I'm from Ireland and the American election doesn't really concern me but I did follow it and just to say Donald Trump with all his failing may not turn out to be a terrible president, he could be the dark horse as many previous presidents have pretty much failed the people. And in fairness to the American people they were given very little option but to vote Trump in. Trump will treat the USA as one big business venture and he doesn't like to fail, and that may not be such a bad thing. The USA has got to stop wasting billions of Dollars of tax payers money on ventures like the space program and overdoing it on military defense. Trump is correct in that if Americas military comes to the aid of a country that is being threatened by a communist dictator or some other murdering power against it's own people then when it's all over and the country survives then the American government should be rewarded or compensated by that country for it's assistance, that's only fair . But the American government needs to put its people first before it wastes billions of taxpayers money. After all it's the people who have to face these debts after the government who caused these debts simply walk away and face no consequence for these debts themselves. I believe the American people voted for Donald Trump because they are sick to death of the pre election broken promises and Lies, same in most democratic countries to be honest, and Trump may be no exception as we all know there will be no Mexican wall built and that Muslims will not be bared from America and refugees will not be removed from their adopted country. Nevertheless Trump may not be an experienced politician but he will learn to adapt and will have countless advisers around him and there is one thing for sure in that I believe Trump may turn out to be a great economic president or employer . Good Luck America and give him a chance, he may be your best choice yet, who knows..

Donald Trump says:

This was easy win!

Stevie Ross says:

I've just drawn Trump in the Stiff Stakes at my local bar……gonna have me a real nice holiday with the winnings.

Maria Nicorescu says:

I think Hillary could win!!! But there is something that I do not understand: Why?!?!

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