AMAZING FEMINIST FAILS! (Huffington Post Sexism)

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I simply wouldnt believe that someone with a board of 100% female editors would STILL have the balls to say that they are discriminated against!

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R Olsson says:

Feminist and Feminism need a ENEMA !!!!! Feminist are starting to eat their own.

KonstantinGeist says:

In the US, only 33% of judges are women. In Russia, 75% of judges are women. One is a free country, the other one is a totalitarian shithole. What to think of it? I'm confused.

Grand Caster says:

Feminism is only female based on a goal of achieving equality with males, if there is anything to be equal to. smh. Hermoine described egalatarianism which is equality to all. If only i could avada cadavra you off that damn stage….

Tyler Lyons says:

Great video mate!

PissedOff RebelinMI says:

Its really too bad that these feminists are so butt-hurt. There are real feminist women out there, that work hard, are paid well, and do not complain about all the hype these "fakemists" complain about. They are in several fields of work and study. Instead of bitching and complaining about how men got it better than them, they are busy working hard, and unwittingly outdoing many men.
Are they still finding ways to crucify men? No- Not quite. Instead they are busy tying men to beds so they can have their way with them- joking of coarse. These typically alpha females have high libidos! With success comes confidence. With confidence comes good health. With good health comes a high sex drive!
The moral of the story- The universe is going to give back what you put into it(no punt intended). These "fakemists" are man haters-misandrists. That is their only motivation. They need to trade their social science degrees in for physics or astronomy degree. Women in these fields of work and study have been rising since the 70s.

Baron Funai says:




John Doe says:

1:56 HAHAHA i love the internet

M Wendt says:

Your end statement is amazing!

Ian Wood says:

Please tell me that someone in this comment thread or on the OP pointed out that on the left-hand side two women are clearly Asain and that the first two women on the right obviously have some Latino or Native American ethnicity??

david teddy says:

I quite looking forward into women doing all the hard manly jobs and further equality because there will be less pressure on me to be a "real man" ….or is it just a trap ?????:-)

mulletclub says:

Thunderfoot… basically you rule.

OrangeeTang says:


Psycho Society says:

Why are we getting all these social degree specialists talking about economics, where are the feminist economists?

Carl Shea says:

Wow, The New School did something I didn't think was possible. Through that "honorary degree", they were able to give Anita something that accurately represents how meaningless everything she does is.

Miguel Pereira de Aragão Aresta says:

That BS before the degree obviously means "Bullshit"

mocha bear says:

repeatedly bangs head against wall !!!!!!

Nikholai Huffstead says:

Allison Brie is bae

PC Assassin says:

Hypocrisy is what Liberals, Leftists, SJW's and Feminists do best!!!
The Huffington Post is Cancer!!!

Tom Parham says:

Haha that is why the huffington post has dropped off the face of the earth

fat cow says:


D Mereel Alhucema says:

How to CS gas yourself 101. LMFAO

Robert Verlinden says:

Thunderfoot plx don't mock sociology. Some of us are actually serious about science. However… WTF is a degree in cultural critisism?!?!? Do Americans get BA degrees with their cereal? Oh womens studies and or gender studies is absolute crap. It's only one of many different courses you follow in the social sciences (at a decent or normal school). If someone tries to flog you a womens studies degree, RUN the institution is garbage!

Tres 2b says:

If femimism is for equal rights why isn't It called equalism

NEWS FLASH:men have way more problems than women even though we don't have many problems

MCPunk55 says:

I'm going to study cultural criticism, so I can start arresting feminists for hate speeches and verbal and physical agression against humans.

Darius Delgado says:

that chick with pepper spray a had me dead

DarkHentaiDragon says:

How dare they assume the identity of those emojis!

Christopher Kruse says:

Feminism is Canser

Kathulu says:

Bahaha Huffington Post listens to the opinions…yes these are opinions and not facts presents by bachelor degree holders. I was under the impression bachelor degrees weren't worth anything, and by watching this, they clearly aren't :P

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