9/11 Missile Strike Pentagon Video – NEWS MIRROR

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UPDATE: Some people in the comment thread of this original vid (see below) are debunking this video… I’m gonna leave it up until I get any kind of confirmations its bogus.

Based only IN PART on this video, I feel that we are close to 911 truth.

This vid is a mirror from energycondensed channel.

For a full description you can check his channel, but here are the highlights.
*newly released footage shows possible missile strike on Pentagon on 9/11 suggests that US government deliberately attacked on Pentagon by Cruise missile
“How does a plane 125 ft. wide and 155 ft. long fit into a hole which is only 60 ft. across?”
A year before the attacks, a massive casualty (MASCAL) exercise was conducted in which a hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon, which has raised suspicion amongst some.


WTF is up with that mini AA plane???!!! Was that for the MASCAL exercise?


EarthBeautifull says:

911 was an inside jobby job- I get you Israel is behind this shit. 

theeastwatch says:

@callofdutyguy9 all I know for sure is that I agree with the original investigation of 9-11, in the report which stated a more indepth investigation needed to be done. I do not believe the "official" story.

callofdutyguy9 says:

The white streak you see is smoke billowing out of the et engines after the engine sucked a lamp post halve. And how doe a cruise have wings wide bough to knock down several lamp posts
9/11 was planned by terrorists not US Govt.

theeastwatch says:

@dotcombatgames do some research before commenting on my channel. The govts own reports stated that none of the facts added up and further research needed to be done. I people like you remove themselves from the gene pool when the truth finally comes out.

theeastwatch says:

@DanSa25 The real question is where is the plane? Every other recorded plane crash has plane wreckage.
Where is the black box? Many airlines have a 100% Black boxes recovery rate – but somehow NOT ONE of the EIGHT black boxes from the 4 planes on 911 were found, and you think I'm nuts?

theeastwatch says:

@DanSa25 Evidence of a 911 cover up is overwhelming.

jacob jacobson says:

This video should be featured on YouTube as a public service announcement.

We should all remember history and how Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag Building to get Germany to rally behind his war agenda.

Very nice aerial footage of the missile. What was that taken from?
That confirmed the suspicion of the security footage I studied.

What the hell is the government doing with a UAV painted to look like an American Airlines plane?!

Bush administration should be tried for war crimes.

theeastwatch says:

@dlucas90 Thats the #1 reason I know 911 was bull crap – you don't confiscate all camera footage of an event within minutes if you have nothing to hide.

dlucas90 says:

If a bank were to be robbed and the bank manager refused to release the multiple videos of the robbery captured on the bank's security cameras, would anyone doubt that the bank manager was hiding something?
Unless you believe banks have better security footage than the Pentagon, you must admit the Pentagon's managers are hiding something.
You can even use this same arguement with a convenience / gas station instead of a bank.

skybirdbird says:

@theeastwatch i knew you'd have a plan…;-)

theeastwatch says:

@skybirdbird I've already got it figured out birdy. Did you ever see Willy Wonka? Member the end when Gene Wilder shot off in that elevator thing – well I'm in the process of building the same thing, but mine is made specifically to goto the moon. It runs strictly on cheese, so once I get to the moon I will be able to use the same tech to run all my energy needs off of cheese and solar power. I think ahead.

skybirdbird says:

@theeastwatch but what a year…then the apls…oh wait…glaciers are breaking off and wiping out villages…well..we'll think of something…:-)

theeastwatch says:

@skybirdbird The Caymens will be underwater in a year or so… DUH >: )

skybirdbird says:

@theeastwatch lol….meet me in the caymens…. ;-)

theeastwatch says:

@skybirdbird well I cant really talk about that… I don't want to incriminate myself.

skybirdbird says:

don't forget…2 trill went missing from the pentagon…. and no explanation of that…

coffeefish says:

What ever the exact details are, they will all come out in time.

NibiruMagick2012 says:

nice find*****

theeastwatch says:

@TheIndoctriNATION Seems like theres more debris in a car crash to me… I've been watching a bit of freedomfiles org war pentagon.htm pretty interesting stuff…
I think theres more than a good chance the gooberment is just covering up negligance on their part – but the key point is "cover up"… I mean it could be a total NWO thing, who really knows.

coldoustiderightnowtho says:

Oh shit son! lol Ive seen that pic of the rc plane awhile ago its crazy, and the new birds eye footage is just more proof that the plane isnt as big as they were saying it was. Wow.

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