NBA Daily Show: Nov. 11 – The Starters

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On Friday’s show, the guys discuss Dwyane Wade’s return to Miami, select the East’s second best team, and pick the biggest name who won’t play in the All-Star Game. They also tell you how LeBron and Wade messed up off the court, and they count down the Top 10 Plays Of The Week! Watch The Starters weekdays at 700ET on NBATV and get more of them on their website:


Limalachi says:

Who casted tas to this show

junkbball2 says:

"come get it, come get it and I'll shoot it in your eye" – Tas commentating Curry's shot in the top 10.

Jarrod Castillo says:

I just realized that the Friday show is almost identical to The Drop podcast they do on Fridays..

Alex Cherkasov says:

Anyone else notice Tas saying CP3 RUSS Curry WESTBROOK and Dame are the FIVE locks for All star west guards at 11: 15? Last time I checked that's FOUR cuz Russ and Westbrook are the same person!

Deeegy says:

No poppies for tas melas and je skeets. edit: maybe no poppies in usa

Boost4Life says:

Dont embrace the weekend people

Maki Dragovic says:

Make Skeets do an episode in full hockey gear

JT2KG says:

Pat Riley and the Heat organisation should be ashamed of themselves, letting Wade walk. It just shows that they don't care about taking care of their stars down the track, Wade is the greatest Heat member of all time, he took numerous paycuts just so they could get more talent and win championships, he led the team and created a winning atmosphere, and at the tail end of his career after all the sacrifices he made, Pat Riley refuses to pay him but pays Tyler Johnson? It's sending a terrible message, Wade can still produce, he can help the younger guys, and they could've used him as an example of the how they treat their players who stay loyal. It's a disgrace. Props to the Heat fans for showing how appreciative they've been though, Wade is all class.

Fred Smith says:

that top 10 was sick af

Max Chwirot says:

Hey guys, it doesn't have to do with this episode, but Complainted Area on The Drop was really awesome.

Joao Martins says:

Wiggins isn't an All-Star on the West.

Ethan Hawley says:

Snakes don't have feet.

DudePerfect Jr. Brothers says:


Jack Boswell says:

Where's the highlight that wasn't

Mauro Lepère says:

The number 1 play starts with a travel

Zuhayr Badsha says:

Leigh looks like Mitchell Johnson

deadkenny7 says:

When are we going to see the bone zone?

aquasmash says:

Baby feet

Creed AMF says:

raps just beat the hornets show Demar some RESPEK!!! MVP2016

enter.the.void.II says:

Your daughter name is Ayla? Are you a moslem?

rahowhero X says:

lee "chopper" ellis

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