Breaking News: Anti-Trump Protests in at least Seven Cities. #AntiTrumpProtests #protest Part 2

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Susan G says:

So, are DAPL protesters going down first under trump?

nickyfzr says:

I have a way to stop them. Play the Star Spangled Banner on the PA systems and they'll all run away!

Susan G says:

Holy sh!t I'm scared for my country. :/

john boboson says:

Hypocrite violent liberals… you should all move to Syria and get your head chopped off by those "peaceful muslims"

lilian alcasid says:

Can't wait for the deplorables to get pissed when the new Preseident elect will not keep his promised!!!:))))

Mell Cáneva says:

Wants to fight ISIS
Forgets the nuclear power ISIS has

EHAb abdelmeged says:

مجرم … سيكوباتى …. عنصرى … متطرف … ايقونة الشعب الامريكى

EHAb abdelmeged says:

No sooner does he leave than he hastens about the earth to corrupt there and destroy crops and cattle. god does not love corruption

LA MEUTE says:

All this peoples are brainwashed by the liberal and their liars media! Go Trump take the elite out of the White House and MAGA.

TheFINZFAN says:

LOL.. Did you protest during the primaries when Bernie Sanders was cheated out of his victory? Did you protest during the primaries when Ted cruz was given ALL the electoral votes from Colorado when there was not even a vote in colorado? They gave Trump zero points in Colorado when there was not even a vote there. Did you protest during the primaries when Ted Cruz received more electoral votes then Trump in Louisiana when TRUMP had way more votes of said state? Did you protest the primaries when republicans won the popular vote but lose because of "super delegates? No. You said "we knew the rules before we began the process. Get over it." ……Now take your own advice. Get over it.

This is the FIFTH time a president has been elected while losing the popular vote. the system has not changed since the birth of the nation.

Did you protest when our current president campaigned for a criminal to be president, while serving the American people, not just democrats? No

Did you protest when the most of the media was in Hillary's corner and were busted in lie after lie? No.

Did you protest when Hillary Clinton's Chair Woman Huma Abedin has been proven to have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? No. Hillary Clinton received millions from these Muslim countries and have mishandled classified information. Is this not a concern to you?

Did you protest when 5 of the 12 women claiming they were groped by Trump have clearly been busted lying? No. An attempt at character assassination, organized by the DNC and the media. No fact checking was done before the allegations were even presented as facts.

Did you protest when Hillary was investigated only by her cronies, clearly a conflict of interest? No.

Did you protest when Bill Clinton had a 45 minute meeting with the Attorney General, hours before the investigation of Hillary Clinton began? No.

Did you protest when wiki leaks proved that the DNC were going to lie and skew the polls in an effort to form public opinion? No.

Did you protest when wiki leaks proved that there was a clear and unethical coup planned to destroy Bernie Sanders? No.

Did you protest when Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence after it was subpoenaed by the FBI? No.

Did you protest when Hillary Clinton has been caught in lie after lie even while under oath? No.

Did you protest when Hillary Clinton was busted referring to Latinos as Taco Bowls? And stating blacks are easy to fool? No.

Did you protest when we learned George Soros is affiliated with the manufacture of the voting machines? No. Such a conflict of interest.

Did you protest when many precincts have reported that voter machines changed votes from a straight Republican ticket to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine vote? No.

Did you protest when we learned that over 2 million people are registered to vote in at least two states or are registered after they have been deceased? No.

Did you protest when the DNC was busted hiring thugs to physically assault peaceful Trump supporters? No. Some of these thugs hired are not even mentally stable.

Did you protest after Hillary Clinton claims Trump supporters are violent? No. When we clearly know who the violent party is.

Did you question the 30 or more mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons? No. Some of whom were set to testify against one of their many crimes.

Did you protest the rioters who are assaulting innocent people? No.

When was the last time Republicans started riots?
When was the last time Republicans pulled an innocent person out of their car and beat them senseless?
When was the last time Republicans set businesses on fire and vandalized innocent employers.

I realize Democrats are blind or ignorant to the truth. But it is the hypocrisy that is the most appalling.

But but but… Trump said the "P" word.

mona m says:

' Im going to remove criminal illegal immigrants from this country ' .
Hmmm , I wonder how he's going to do that .

Sockittoem says:

Soros is using his brainwashed SJW cult to destroy your country.

Friedenskämpfer says:

Can somebody bomb this dumb people away?

John figueroa says:

good lord look at these self entitled idiots. if all these morons are letting the result of an election totally destroy thier entire daily routine then i got some serious news for all those misguided nuts if this is tearing you up then im sorry but real life is going to render you catatonic. but i have an easy solution. i suggest you libtards just go off yourselves . then look problem solved. you no longer have all this stress anymore and the rest of us no longer have to deal with all your shit

Andre Dominguez says:

Cant believe people cant see this man is OBVIOUSLY a lunatic and dangerous!

Luc Le says:

American divided , what next some one have to explain to this+

Carolyn Cameron says:

they didn't even know what they are protesting, they need to go home and get back on mommies titty !!!!!!!

Kimberly Brown says:

BULLSHIT the rebels are the Trump supporters against this corrupt system,should we have rioted when Obama won his election, if they f**k this up …well.

Kimberly Brown says:

Trump Won GET OVER IT!

KimW says:

Here's what you do America, boycott all Trump businesses and watch his reaction.

joshthecoopman says:

Peaceful Transition of Power  A few days ago I was being lectured about how we must accept the outcome of the election as part of the fabric or our society.  Now rioting, smashing windows, burning vehicles, foul language, smoking, hateful chanting, throwing bottles, women ripping their shirts off–Where are those children now?  Aren't they in front of their TV's watching this too?? Isn't this scary and dangerous?  I'm watching these videos with my children today so they remember what liberals are like when they don't get what they want.  They will remember this when they are old enough to vote.  So much for that peaceful enlightened progressive generation of forward thinkers.  With this on your resume, no doubt Canada will be eager to take you in–and please do move there as promised (I'm looking at you, Miley Cyrus).

miguelisms says:

No this is a marxist radical revolution trying to be sparked by George Soros. What the fuck don't you get media?? Fuck off!! Our middle finger is walking around in the whitehouse now. So fuck off Van Jones, Anderson Pooper

Jimbopy says:

you protesters lost deal with it

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