Ancient math of Ethiopia amazing method of Mathematics calculation

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Ancient math of Ethiopia amazing method of Mathematics calculation


breanna bernett says:

the ""what"" column? Harboring?

Bete Aberra says:

This is just tip of the iceberg; thousand of mysterious things are left in Ethiopia to be discovered. Art, science, religion, culture… Proudly Ethiopian.

dhagos says:

makes perfect sense to my westernized mind.  When you halve a number on one side you are dividing by 2 so multiplying the other side by 2 would keep the equation balanced…. 6 * 12 = 3 * 24 (via rules of linear transformations).  since halving an odd number results in the removal of one unit you must add back 1 group of it's counter part …. 11/2 = 10/2 when you ignore the remainder so you must account for 11 – 10 groups before moving on.

Dark House says:

And here I thought that the Egyptians came up with this method.

nelson kiiru says:

LOL!! Africans beat whites to math and even applied to today's computer!!

xamael1989 says:

proud to be ethiopian

sinnapa vadyar sathasiva1885 says:

I am aware of this method for about  2 decades.I am not sure if ethiopianas are the ancient people of south Indians as they look alike and good in maths like Ramanujan..

Tatu Muluba says:

Love it 

Johnson Taylor says:

Why call it "bizzare" because you can't comprehend it? Eurocentrist condescending crap.

LulaTarik says:

Amazing. I am Ethiopian, why do I suck in math?

Dan Gruver says:

Very cool!

Mark T says:

and the european will still insist the african invented nothing

jaama20 says:

amazing, but bizzare and yet correct

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