Trading Options into an Election with Actionable Strategies

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In this live training video you will learn how to trade options into an election with actionable trading strategies on volatility. We will look at the $VIX index, UVXY, VXX, and SVXY — ETFs to create smart & defined-risk spread trades heading into a ‘potentially volatile’ market period. Volatility as at 2-year low and timing is everything in life and in the Stock Market.

It is vital that you understand the risk(s) associated with options and how to properly navigate that risk using defined-risk spread trade strategies. Once you understand vertical spreads, time spreads, and the options Greeks you will be well equipped with the knowledge to vastly outperform the trading & investing public.

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Once you learn some of the key option trading strategies to use as a professional trader — you will be equipped with the power to make smart trading decisions that will help you be a more sophisticated (and profitable) trader in up, down, and sideways markets.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or leave a comment! Easiest way to contact is via the contact submission form on

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Learn how to trade the Stock Market like a professional using the power and leverage of options with Option Trading Coach!

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abdesslem belcaid says:

how can get blance sheet o curency ?

Tonio mark says:

Nice video Tyler, I want to go full time into options trading. what is your advice? cheers

Andre John says:

Great content! What charting software do you use?

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