Top 5 Cool Free Software You Need

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A list of some of my favorite free programs that you definitely have to check out.
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This is a list of freeware and free software that you will find incredibly useful. These are programs on my computer that I use every day, and you may not have heard of. HashTab is a free program that makes it very easy to check hashes of files to check for integrity and security. RescueTime will help you be more productive by tracking how much time you spend on distracting activities on your computer. Sandboxie lets you run files isolated from your system in case they are viruses, and is a great security program. Plex is an awesome video streaming program that organizes your movies, TV shows, etc and streams them to any device. Notepad++ is a way better version of Windows notepad, and has a ton of awesome useful features.

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Luke Taylor says:

Recently added I Saw the Devil and 13 Samurai in Plex? You have a good taste in directors!

sharks445 says:

For Plex, can you run it using the Apache web server, or is it a separate server itself?

mefsh says:

shut up about India the real question is dose it work in Korea

lara A says:

how can i hack top eleven with a none rooted phone

Charlie Fenderson says:

wait.. this isn't a joke?

andrewesquivel says:

Hey, i like your videos, legit or jokes.

John Smith says:

I really like these new vids ty

EpicAnimations says:

5:40 0118999881999119725…3

Robert BT7 says:

does this work in India?

Djz Aamir says:

Awesome thisJoe , loved the softwares looking forward to see more useful stuff in future , pls keep doing the funny videos too

Roger Rios says:

Junkware removal is a wonderful tool that gets rid of viruses from your computer instantly, and 3dpchip can find unknown drivers. Both utilities have been a life saver to me.

TrikonaTech says:

which mic u r using in this video

Armando Berrios says:

That stupid virus just popped in my pc, but it did nothing since I live in India B-)

TheNONnoobXD says:

I would definitely suggest Sublime Text 2. it's similar to Notepad++

ZeggiK says:

I already use Notepad++.

Jonathan Small says:

Is it possible to Hash Spoof?

george p says:

Can't take this video seriouslee

Cris Reyes says:

u don't even mention bonzi buddy

WeLcOme tO mY ChAnEl says:

thio please I was interested in ur vids now its this shit please come back

Mr Marbles says:

is this valid in india or not?

TheTrappedMonkey says:

ccleaner is great to keep your pc running smoothly and clean up space

Akshat Jain says:

please make ur dumb comments

Ghost Coffee says:

Can u show us how to get a PlayStation VR for free??

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