Heart Cells Are Bringing Robots To Life

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Scientists just created a tiny robot made of metal and rubber but powered by rat heart muscle cells! How do biological hybrid machines work?

Nature Is Smarter Than Us – https://youtu.be/4vq8ci4RTUs
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Animal Propulsion Study Reveals How Jellyfish & Other Species Bend The Rules Of Motion
“But are jellyfish the only animals to have discovered the magic of bendiness? A new study examined the propulsive limbs of 59 animal species, from the flukes of killer whales and the wings of moths and bats to the winglike feet of sea slugs. Not only is bendiness ubiquitous, but it is finely tuned.”

Robotic stingray powered by light-activated muscle cells
“Kevin Kit Parker wants to build a human heart. His young daughter loves the New England Aquarium in Boston. In this Science report, father’s and daughter’s obsessions have combined in an unlikely creation: a nickel-sized artificial stingray whose swimming is guided by light and powered by rat heart muscle cells.”

A tissue-engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion.
“Here we combined these capabilities in a systematic design strategy to reverse engineer a muscular pump. We report the construction of a freely swimming jellyfish from chemically dissociated rat tissue and silicone polymer as a proof of concept.”

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London Lawan says:

Some type of bird, maybe an owl?

braveheartbob says:

when did Olivia Munn get her PHD!
seems like we could be better off creating a new propulsion system rather than trying to mimic Mother Nature's creations … but i s'pose Her's is an already proven method

Logan You'll says:

Uh oh. Synths are coming. Damn you institution

Ethan Wagner says:

The title of this video sounds like the description of a crappy sci-fi movie: a killer robot gains morals when a living heart is placed inside it, or something stupid like that.

Batman says:

you look like Olivia Munn

RaC says:

Her intro feels like a robot.

Geno Gardner says:

Robots with a sweet tooth? Nice. :o)

sajin kumar says:

Soon… Humans will be immortal through science. But atlast we will be distroyed because by global Warming.

Joe A7Rii says:

Cats: No purpose, just purrs a lot.

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