Best phones you can buy in August 2016

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We round up the best Android phones, as well as the best iPhones, that money can buy right now in the middle of 2016.

From the Samsung Galaxy family to the iPhone series, we’ve looked at all the best phones and have a surprising winner.


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don Linatoc says:

-i got bad experience in one plus… i have one plus 2, every time i put sim on it… there's a lot of ads pop up…it's so annoying when u playing watching or texting, i don't it happen world wide or only in my country in saudi

Erika Perez says:

Does he say how much any of them cost?

Pulkit Chhabra says:

Watching this video on my Oneplus 3! ;)

Pakistani Lovatic says:

this whole video is laughable… and your knowledge about phone hardware is questionable!!!!!!

Theost21 says:

not the iphone 7?

kelvin moses says:

u have the voice similar to Arnold swachzeneggar

udaya bhanu says:

op3 s d best.

Roderick_playz says:

how about the lg g5

Allan Poison says:

he cant even speak

Alan Alvarado says:

what about the Huawei P9 plus? is it not good?

Mohamed Eihab 99 says:

Yak the Samsung galaxy S7 edge is the best

Duncan Wynn Jr says:

None of the above …

clout Lord says:

ur dumb galaxy s7 is better than all these u idiot

Avin Nicolo Robles says:

He sounds like a puberty version of Arnold Schwarngezer..
I dont want to be terminated…
Or banned

jashan multani says:

Bro u missed xioami mi max

Randy “Redwood” says:

s7 edge all the way

Bob David Bell says:

I like how the iPhone is NOT in the no. 1 slot!

Vhinex Rakib says:

honest review (y)

Dick Jones says:

Galaxy s7 edge image quality not that good???? Is this stupid cunt on drugs?????????????? And then puts that Chinese rubbish one plus 3 in 1st???? The pile of shit that the Chinese pricks dont update? That gets no security updates because the chinese dont a flying fuck about their customers. This guys is on crack cocaine. Good bye phone arena. I will never watch your videos again. Stop employing drug addicts in your videos.

Khaja Sk says:

i want compact mobiles.

Anton Laula says:


Vonemanarmy says:

I really dont care about how slim a phone is, some people might but its just dumb, id rather have a thicker phone and longer battery life

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