Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar


Samuel Paniagua says:

I won't lie, I'd probably laugh my ass off if I saw those soap ads on TV.

Mr jimjimjimmyjim says:

there is actually legal medicinal forms of cocaine available today which are only available thru prescription, so your facts are incorrect all thats changed tho is they dont actually advertise it

TheBusy Miner says:

6:35 is that a nipple?

A C Moore says:

I thought that 7-up was non-caffinated.

TrapJaw says:

point of order…."never had it, never will" –google it

AND that ad was before aspartame OR high fructose corn syrup variations….

RuinYourKD says:

African-Americans are people who moved from Africa to America in there life time.

Gewgulkan Suhckitt says:

Opiates work great as cough suppressants.

I don't think you can sue over a racist advertisement. You can boycott or protest, but unless you can make a case for having been damaged somehow, you have no grounds for a lawsuit.

Oddly enough, you MIGHT be able to manage a lawsuit NOT on the grounds of racism, but on the grounds of false advertising when your soap or washing machine doesn't lighten your skin color as it does in the ad.

MyBrainEatsEverything says:

7-Up isn't caffeinated

Irene de Koningh says:

Her law DNA drive Roman.

Peter Griffin says:

whoa whoa whoa…hold on just'a cotton pickin minute…since when does a woman not belong in a kitchen? Who's going to make my sandwich?

Janet Place says:

The racist ads are labeled as "beyond offensive" as they should be; however the narrators response to the sexist ads is always, "women's libbers" would never allow this. Does that mean he is not personally offended.

CrazyBear65 says:

1) There's no caffeine in 7up. Never was.
2) There's nothing "offensive" about a woman breastfeeding her child, it's 100% natural, get the fuck over it already.

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