[TF2 & Chill]Classy & I Casually Destroy Robots For Loot Part 3 – The Kazoo

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Classy’s Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTDBwes67QB9GPd8R6qk0w/videos
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The intro song i use is : Fatrat – Windfall

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james james says:

What is the intro song? Who is the person you are playing with and what is his channel link? If I want to support you more what do I do? If I want to contact you, what should I contact you through? What should I do if i want to contact phantom? Where do you hang out with fans? If only there were some information box to inform me of this.

Benoit Elizondo says:

Quake> tf2 and overwatch combined. come at me I'm ready

Cybot2966 says:

Not all rap is bad, you just have to find the ones that don't sound doped up and who don't swear in every sentence.

Blu French ToastT says:

Rap sucks. My brother listens to it all the time and it's so annoying.

Jerry McGhoulberry says:

0:33 Jesus that kazoo made me want to kill myself.

The Unholy Adventurer says:

you bitch,
your cliffhangers are the worst

UnderTheRubble says:

I hope you drink bleach…
If bleach was a drug to keep making great content

Mr.L says:

Wait…I just thought about something…unless this is Mann Up How the heck did Travingel find a good group in MVM?

Ekillyourself the dead man says:

Rap at this point is basically a game of who can yell THE BLACK SLAVES WORD louder and who can spit more while making everyone's ears deaf

Your Everyday Gamer says:


Dark Nitro (Zapper) says:

8:45 And knowing that the first Team Fortress was actually a mod for Quake, it made me giggle x)

Slinky The Slink says:


Dr.ThatFreakinHurts! says:

I really liked these 3 last videos, it's nice to see content like this on your channel! And I hope to see more of this :). keep the good work up mate!

Sir Red says:

Watching this make me wish my computer didn't kean over and die. Lots of people have their reasons to join and play TF and I joined when MvM was coming out. My first ral tour, was the worst thing ever, but after I did it again, MMMM So good!~ After I and a friend play Doctor and bring the beast back from the dead I'm going to fistly, try to sell a 2 key medic thing I got before it died, then spend my whole 5 dollars on nothing but MvM

Vinriel says:

can it be 15 mins long vids? cuz… it feel kinda short and… ya know… people what to see the ending or what are they gunna say now then… end lel

m00ter says:

Yes, please continue this. It's so much fun to listen to!

random guy says:

how does one not get past the prologue of battleborn

wealthierstorm says:

I think your hud is called overwatch hud……..

henrique165 says:

Travi you should check the steam review section of if my heart had wings

pauliefung99 says:

a good majority of rap is trash, but not all of it

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