Formula 1 2016 Japanese G.P. M. Verstappen vs L. Hamilton

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Marcus Gippert says:

ne Sebastian Vettel ich sage ja nur

marcel epskamp says:


TheDutchGamesNL says:

Max is good! To get the second place with a redbull car, you need some skills. I think when max is gonna drive for Mercedes, he is gonna win a lot of gp's

s Schekkerman says:

Hamilton attack in breaking zone…?
and so max is defending in breaking zone….
Thats driving Stupid donkey's….!!!!

visse264 says:

Hamilton could have never made the corner overtaking Verstappen with that speed. Desperate move. Verstappen did well, just a tiny block and turning into the corner. No harm done.

WGACA says:

Haha, Hamilton got schooled here on racing by a 19 year old. Haters gonna hate. Hamilton tried to overtake far too late and Max just defended brilliantly. If it was illegal he would have been penalised, which he hasnt. End of discussion.

Andi S says:

Max looks intense on interview since he know he broke rule (change line under braking) but he is lucky Hamilton has champion heart. He didn't dig even more. In my opinion, Max own Hamilton a race spot. He didn't fight for championship (he like a back marker). If he's really true gentleman, he should surrender that on next race or at the earliest possible chance.

Andi S says:

Max is total jerk when defending. He always put his car butt in the last milli seconds so people kiss his car ass, or fly to sky or out of track. If i'm an F1 driver and drive in front of him, i will put my car ass when he try to make his pass in high speed straight line, and looking forward to hear what he will said in the hospital, assuming he still (luckily) alive

monzon marcelo says:

why they let him drive like that , totally illegal , profesional drivers like Raikkonen and Hamilton do anything to avoid a crash that is not legal

_ZetH says:

As much as I love Max putting excitement back into F1, he just can't keep driving like this. He reacted accordingly to Hamilton's move to the inside which he just cut across and practically blocked him. That's not defending that's just blocking, pick a line and stay with it. Took some of the words from this video, here's a reference:
This will always be a hard subject to figure out, hard to define what is blocking now a days.

Sandijs Visnakovs says:

This verstapen is soooo fucking dumb ass. I wish somebody will hit him from back once and pretty hard!

Rob Rijsman says:

Excellent move from Verstappen !

Marcus Gippert says:

das muss für Verstappen eine Strafe geben

c1mcg1battyflex says:

haha hamilton

Dave fros hanzen says:

what the hell with u max? u must shame back to the kart!!!

AnonWindir says:

Well done!

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