What They Aren’t Telling You About The Flu Vaccines

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Military conducts largest ever outbreak drill to disguise its real agenda, to push the Flu Vaccines on Marines. Joe Biggs Breaks down what is inside the Flu Vaccine and shows you what the government has business and schools doing if you refuse to take it.


Colorado Healthcare Workers to be Fired if they Refuse Mandatory Flu Shots

U.S. Military Receives Order for Mandatory Vaccination

‘Flufies’: 7-Eleven Pays Employees to Take Selfies While Receiving Flu Shot

Healthcare Workers Fired for Failing to Get Flu Vaccinations


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Terrestrial Decay says:

What sucks is I have to push this fucking crap onto customers over the phone at this place I work at(insert common pharmacy/drug-store here) and via the intercom occasionally. I have to announce that the Pharmacy administers flu-shots. This sucks because I have morals and know they're not good but If I don't mention anything about Flu-Shots I'm assuming I could lose my job. I need to make money and make a living though. See how they control us in such strategically evil and psychopathic ways? I also heard that they sometimes have corporate officials that run the drug-store/pharmacies who call to pretend they're customers in order to check and make sure that employees are mentioning flu-shots. I honestly don't want to even mention a thing about flu-shots at all. I'm also worried that If I don't …that I'll get a warning or something. A Co-Worker of mine does the announcing almost every hour. If there's a way for me to put it off and let someone else working with me make those kinds of announcements over the intercom and via telephone calls …I will. It just doesn't sit right with me that I would be telling people to go get flu-shots that do harm to them knowing full well they're bad but being obligated by my Company to do so. Catch 22.

Kim Jong Un says:

Lol conservative fantasies.

Dimitri Vincheov says:

fucking extortion!!! when it comes to the chip say no!!

Freebs says:

this is the dumbest fucking video I have seen in a long time, thank you

Mark Èdgette says:

Luke Nance we hate you to.

Tower G4 says:

well they are forcing my fiancee to take them at her job at the hospital. they say if you don't take it, you'll lose ur job. She also works in cuticles around only staff, not the public. Also they are makin them sign their life away after takin it, that their job is not responsible if anything happens to them after takin flu shot. What law can protect her from being forced to take it? Her & 1 other coworker singed a waiver form that may nit last long, cause her job does not agree with them not takin shot.

Latin Lover says:

the amount of tinfoil retards is mind blowing

Luckybot says:

Flu shots cause no harm to people. unless your allergic to it. I fucking hate anti vaxxers. and yes you should be forced to get the flu vaccine if you are in a job that interacts with people or you go to school

Grace by Faith says:

Why would anyone trust their lives and their children's lives with a government agency (the CDC) that is proven to be feckless and ineffective?  The CDC issued a formal apology for the flu vaccines they botched, killing innocent citizens, they own the patent on ebola (wtf?) yet say they have no clue how to cure it, and we know the agenda for globalization includes depopulation.  These are federal government agencies, folks, and I, for one (after the stunt they pulled on 9/11) wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.  And why isn't anyone asking them to take the vaccine themselves?  Why are doctors and pharmacologists refusing them for their children?  Because they are not safe.  Because they are full of crap that is toxic to our bodies.  We get natural immunization from our mothers, and these children who are breaking out with measles now were immunized already for it.  So what's going on?  Lies, fear-mongering, and the attempt to control our bodies (to keep us complacent, obedient, ineffective, and sometimes dead).

Lady Nyasha says:

alex jones twerking

M Franklyn says:

Shots are probably laced with Ebola

fatoldladyinpjs says:

No studies have ever been done proving that flu shots or any immunizations prevent the diseases they're given for.  Flu shots are a BILLION dollar industry.  Health officials push them, not for my benefit, but for their own profits.  The doctor's offices get a kickback for every shot.  These are not free.  You pay for them.  Then they scare elderly people into the dire consequences if they don't have them.  The flu may cause problems, but only if you have respiratory problems to begin with or asthma. These old people, like my elderly mother, blindly accept anything the doctors tell them.

ForestSongUnLTD says:

Gelatin? From pigs? I wonder if the Jews and Muslims are getting shot up with this…..

Orlando Richmond (Kyuubiflame) says:

Use the army.. For experiments… Good they deserve it's wrong doing. For killing

coleslaw313 says:

All you people saying you will never get a vaccine. If you went to school in the u.s then you have had your fair share of them? 

coleslaw313 says:

They have been giving military flu shots way before Alex jones came around

Katrina Blair says:

My Grandfather was a navy man and he told of being experimented on … he told me to never trust the Gov. and how right has was…… 

C Rocco says:

My daughter got a shot back in 2010. She was scratching at her leg like crazy for months. I took her to the doctor because it was that bothersome.
My doctor said it was nothing gave us anti itch cream & off we went.
When we next returned and it was still bothersome however less so. I was told it was all in her head!!
I like my pediatrician she took good care of my kids I think some doctors are really just clueless.

dannybigs2008 says:

maybe they're getting the ebola vaccine. its all about smoke and mirrors #edwardbernays


then why don't americans ban together and stand up against the evil gov't..more of us than there are of them in this world…

Crap 4 Brains says:

My mother gets the flu shot every year, she also gets the flu every year. I've never got a flu shot and I only got the flu once when I was a child, although it might have been food poisoning.

Kakkerot86 says:

This is what is called "FORCED EUGENICS!"

I for one will not take a flu shot or vaccine, they can take it and SHOVE IT!!!!!!!

David Shultz says:

I'll get fired if I don't get a flu shot. 

simon x says:

sons of the bitches ! they are worst than crack dealers ! 

Dawn Fucile says:

We have a lot of dumb Canadians taking free flu shots here too.

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