Use Xcode On Windows 10 For iOS App Development on Windows

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Dr_Amir says:

Great tutorial. What kind of licensing you have for ios in the zip file?and if you don't mind, where did you get it?

blueangel 512 says:

Wheres the link ?

MakaVeli - VainGlory says:


Евгений DeF says:

Great video! Thank you!

svkabunyan says:

Hi, everything has worked so far until I tried to install Xcode. I'm getting a message "xcode cant be installed on because OS X version10.11.5 or later is required. You can update OS X from the updtes page of the AP Store." How to I solve this please.

Thank you.

Narendar Sareddy says:

no link available

Chris B says:

Wow! Thank you! This is huge, and your tutorial is clear, easy-to-follow, and concise.
Well done!

GeorgeWills Aidoo says:

where will i get the download link?

maxi lesk says:

there is no link

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