7 Fork Gadgets Put to the Test

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orkun says:

Bu spaghettiyi gördümde bizim türkiyedeki makarnaya şükrediyorum :D

DaRk_GHosT says:

Last gadgets for russian students

Aalaap Dey says:

police sirens at 4:40

draders43 sample text says:


Io Pupper says:

Do chopsticks gadgets!

marina otero says:

zzz… AH i sletp because ur boooooring

Bennett VerPlank says:

U say safety I number 1 priority ur cutting toward ur self

FoxTwoX says:

He's got new gadgets already.
Forks weak, Cantelope's heavy.
His chopsticks are ready.
Mom's spaghetti.

BiggumTheFroge says:

Whe u camping out, and u need to cut some kabasaa, amazien gadget.

HeadshootBG says:

can you tell me where i can get this fork spoon with knife please?

peanut butter says:

why u always say "boom"?

mario sosa says:

or mqngo

indrani mahanta says:

2:44 it looked like poop

Driss Elhamoumi says:

the melon makes me hungry

TorTorPlayz HD says:

most of these are uselesss..

Sandy Ambriz says:

the soop that was in the cup that's Mexican food not Chinese

Peewee Lee says:

that fail was to funny :)

TheDanik Super says:

руский человек говори по русски

Zayan K. says:

Do u get most of these products from vat19

Lion YT says:

Utentos not utensils

NextGenGamer says:

uses spoon wow o my god works so well

Glitzy Gaming says:

(tastes the oreo) That is amazing!

Well the gadget wouldn't change the taste…

Alicia Beatriz says:

ne abonam reciproc

Sniperboy 0804 says:

4:30 " knife goes through cantaloupe like butter " background you here panting

Jan Stopyra says:

7:33 ,,Maybe you have to eat a stick" CRH 2016

Nicholas L says:

Safety is number one priority. Forgets all safety glasses

teeth says:

where do you get your gadgets ?

Auzurite says:

I know how 2 use chopsticks thou my parents taught me cuz they r Chinese

Talon Whitby says:

Man I forgot my Newtendals lucky I brought my pen newtendals

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