NBA Season Preview Part 3 – The Starters

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Part three of nine NBA previews from The Starters. The guys continue to answer 72 burning questions about the upcoming season: Which player is under the most pressure? What about teams feeling the heat? Who will win Defensive Player of the Year? And, what were some odd offseason moves? All that, plus Leigh hits the Hot Seat to talk solid plays, the league’s biggest villain, and the next retired player he plans to outshoot. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV to catch each of the nine previews and get more of the guys on their website:


Anthony Uguru says:

Im a Troll u can find me in the nearest comment section.

Narcissist1 says:

Winter is here

Neko Altman says:

kawhi Leonard is not the best defender in the league

Skip2MyLou619 says:

Trey Wyatt

Daniel Cooney says:

wow i didn't think the starters read these comments

Max Cadena says:

tas is the biggest faggot on the show. the guy sometimes wants to disagree just to disagree. "dwight howard has no pressure". dhow is the 2nd most paid center in the league, but yeah theres no pressure on him to perform. throw him off the show. like if you agree

tdagarim10 says:

Blake Griffins reactions to Trey's comment is hilarious.

Aditya Suresh says:

Worst off-season move
fucking GSW


I think Chris Paul should go to the Pacers next year… hell of a duo with Paul George

LeBron James for DPOY

Riley presti says:

What about Westbrook for most under pressure #inrusswetrust

martin mai says:

This year's dpoy is really gonna depend on the team stat. If spurs stay in the top 3 defensive team, kawhi could have the 3 peat. But if the warriors defense actually got better this year, Draymond had a really big chance taking it.

josh newcomb says:

nice 3rd episode and you brought up the Blazers finally and you criticize them, corny ass bandwagon frontrunner loving ass clown lames!!!

Sea says:

How the fuck would Gobert be the best rim protector in the league

Bailey Davis says:

James harden for DPOY.

Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei la says:

Sometimes i Just Want to punch tas melas in the face

JWY12345 says:

No disrespect to Paul Millsap? Really?

NTgiftedTV says:

D Howard, hall of fame? LMAO!!!

john nava says:

I hate how they spoil the answers to the questions before they reveal it

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