Intermittent Fasting! Lose weight without dieting.

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**Sorry! I know I talk very fast**

Intermittent fasting is a great way of losing weight without changing what you eat!
I started two weeks ago and already I can see changes 🙂
I’ll be posting more videos of my progress as well as videos of my detox water and smoothie recipes and my work out routines very soon!

I’m not an expert but if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer.

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Scott Caldwell says:

You talk to fast but are a sight to see

Corey King says:

Stop saying gains. Gains is when you gain muscle. Your not gaining your cutting. So say goals. Sorry but that. Really annoyed me lol

Kay Rowe says:

how many calories roughly do you eat please

Ganja Puff says:

u are so beautiful!!

Plangnan. Ben Shadrach says:

can I do keto with this ?? and I hate exercise would I still loose a lot of weight if I eat healthy ?

Zachary Baxter says:

Right on little sista!

Dreams 2 Drink says:

Intermittent Fasting is great, If your routine ever gets too hard between the set time 2 and 8 try doing it without a set time. Personally speaking the set time would drive me crazy!

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