My Lyme Disease Symptoms

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Sorry for the lengthy video! I just have a lot of symptoms that I needed to go over haha Here’s just a summary of my experience with Lyme disease so far, starting with the first onset of symptoms, getting diagnosed, and where I am right now with treatment. Hope this can be used for others to relate with their own story and journey. Stay strong everyone.

Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions


FrankDS says:

How are you today ?

Christopher allen says:

oil of oregano will cure you

Roy Hemion says:

there are 3 tests for Lyme.western blot, the elisa test, and one more…most doctors wil dismis lyme right out of hand if one of these tests shows negative.. . .they have to do 2 tests to show its there and the final mist expensive test to verify it. Lyme swhould be treated with IV always.>>some say 6 months to get rid of it.

Eliska Baronova says:

Thank you so much for this video! :)

Ashley Klug says:

thank you so so much for sharing!!! I have been experiencing EVERYTHING you've described along with the rash my left elbow crease. I've been to so many doctors and in the hospital so much, all my blood work comes back negative. I am tired of feeling like I'm crazy!!!!

Sugar Magnolia says:

I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease back in 2000, they didn't even know much about it. I had the target looking rash but they first said it was a spider bite. I dealt with it for another 2 months and finally when the rash had gotten huge, they finally took the test and I had it…but all these years later I feel completely ill. I keep getting pneumonia and even when it clears up, I just feel awful. I'm not sure if I still have the bacteria or not because they only gave me one medication and didn't know much about it. I'm glad you have an answer to your health issues and I hope you continue to get better.

0o I Died In A Time Machine o0 says:

I have like all of these symptoms..This all started with me getting like "Starry" vision like it looks like I'm looking through a old tv screen.. lotta floaters.. I'm getting a headache on the ride side of my forehead like EVERY DAY sometimes worst than other times but its always there.. umm and I get tinnitus.. I feel SOOOO tired I can sleep for hours upon hours and then wake up and after 20 mins I'm exhausted again… I get hot and cold flashes.. numbness sometimes in certain parts of my body.. now just recently I'm getting muscle twitches mainly in my lower legs but tonight I'm getting them on the left side of my lip I can just feel a twitching and i go look in the mirror and i can actully see it twitching.. I have literally every single symptom described in this video. Anyway been to Drs multiple times and they just rush me outta there .. they think I'm a hypochondriac and have put me on anxiety meds…etc Another problem is I'm poor and have horrible insurance and have to goto a clinic to see my dr and can't really afford to goto all these different doctors.

Maiysa S says:

I can't find Nick's update on the treatment or Lyme's. Does anyone know how he is doing? I can't find any information on him. I hope he is okay. But wanted to search for his information so I can play it for my brother and give him some hope. He is struggling terribly. I also have noticed he hasn't posted in three years. That makes me a bit concerned. I hope he is doing well.

Tarra Talbert says:

Thank you for sharing.  It means a lot, particularly since the medical field is so negligent with this disease.

dik balz says:

my symptoms are exactly the same as yours. i was diagnosed a few months ago but ive never found someone with the exact same symptoms as me until now.

Chris L says:

Eat pineapple and fresh manganese + Oxygen foods. Chickpeas, barley. Manganese requires an alkaline environment to oxidize into manganese dioxide. You need acidic foods with manganese to kick the issue.

Kelly Koska says:

Thank you for sharing.

Maiysa S says:

Nick thanks for sharing your story. It really helped my brother to not feel alone. But so sorry for you. Question-Do you have a video showing what is working for you? Thanks. Feel well soon!

Van Stratoween says:

Nick, thank you for this video, it helped me immensely in my early stages in what turned out to be a 100% positive test for Lyme disease.

eevilgeniuss says:

Will you do an update on your experience so far?

Alyssa Larkey says:

hey want to collab I also have lyme disease

San Dra says:

Nick – I hope you are doing much better now and are in 'remission'. This video is very helpful and I can totally relate. I had Lyme (had the bulls eye, immediate symptoms) and was treated for it in 1997 when I was in my 20's. It seemed to subside, except for occassional migraines and muscle aches, and my retests came back negative/not active. Fast forward to 2006, all of my symptoms seemed to return three-fold after having my son. Its now 2016 and I've been working with and sometimes battling with doctors to prove that it's Chronic Lyme Disease. Even here in the East where it is so prevelant, it's difficult to get a diagnosis for Chronic Lyme! During this time I've been through the same routine as yourself and others with antibiotics, pain meds, physical therapy, chiropractic, deep tissue massage, anti-inflammatory drugs (which caused Ulcers!) and diet, and even alternative therapies (Reiki, energy work). ALL of it only gives relief for that "2 hour" window that so many of us report! I was at my Ortho docs today still continuing to work on this Journey … thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help others. :-)

jeremy Holzem says:

this is the most relatable video I've ever seen I'm going to go get diagnosed brb

Daysi Sandoval says:

I am going through the same situation right now. A lot of pain all over my body. Muscle spasms. Hot flashes. Stiff joints. Pain all over my joints. Brain fog. I forget things too. I already told my doctors here at Ucla. Sadly th my don't believe me. They think I want pain medication. The doctor diagnose me with Frybo yet she she didn't give me anything for the frybo supposedly. I don't think this is frybo. The stupid doctors are being lazy and they don't want to deal with me. I feel so unimportant and ignored. I made a YouTube channel to talk about my experience too. Sometimes I just feel like giving up but I won't. Il going t keep bugging my doctors. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired

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