It Took 19 Years To Learn I Have Lyme Disease

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You and your body are worth paying attention to.

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aynn1000 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have had chronic Lyme Disease as well as other co infections for almost twenty years now. If you ever want to talk or need some support as all us Lymies do please feel free to contact me. Stay strong

Taylor Moore says:

this is insane i had lyme for a few months when i was 7, and i was totally miserable to the point where i was limping and wouldnt eat. shes so strong for dealing with that for so long

Chacho Guevara says:

What is this the complain channel? I didn't learn anything about Lyme disease.

Dannie Bradley says:

I'd like to personally thank buzzfeed and Katie for helping me get diagnosed, I've been struggling for YEARS with depression and anxiety over not know what was wrong. Constantly being sick and fighting the voice of doctors, friends, and family was the hardest thing I've ever done. If you have any suspicion, go get tested, it has definitely changed my life and I can't wait for my treatments to start and get back to a "normal" life


did you have a blood test to show you had lyme disease

Brad Vlogs says:

Lyme sucks i should know, I've had it for 7 years. I have a video on Lyme treatments if you have Lyme and need some info.

BRODY says:

Why does she have a service dog?

Melissa Hall says:

Thanks for sharing! Pretty sure my sister has this. She hasn't been able to find a diagnosis for 3 years! The symptoms fit well and having her check it tomorrow.

Patrick Bateman says:

Hey buzzfeed I'd love to be interviewed about Spinal Cord Injury to get more information out there to the public, as I find that most off the public that see people in wheelchairs just assume they either have brain damage and or are paralysed from the waist down. When it's a lot more in-depth then that. Please do not hesitate to message me.

Many Thanks

Roger Rabbit says:

I had Lyme disease when I was 6 years old, and it only took a couple months for my parents to figure it out

Emily Raylene says:

I get migraines all the time and always tired, I can sleep all day and still feel tired when I wake up. I often get dizzy and never want to eat. I'm diagnosed with depression. Does that sound like depression to you? I don't think so.

Alpha Wolf says:

this made me cry

Bree Hendley says:

i am 18 and have had lyme for 5 years. i can never have kids of my own because of how serious my chronic neuropathic lyme is. it isnt in my head, it isnt just wanting attention. It is serious. and when doctors told me i was making it up i believed them. they were the specialist, i wasnt. I wanted to survive so i could say i told you so to all those doctors.

Boyd W says:

I got it between 1982 and 1988. Diagnosed June of 2013. So I might have been only 15 when I got it. I too went through my family telling me I was faking it,,, pull your head out of your a__. I'm 49 now. I went through 9 months on two antibiotics last year then my Lyme came back in May of 2016. I've been on CBD (hemp oil), and a natural medicine antibiotic since late May 2016. My Lyme Litterate Doctor isn't sure we will get the Lyme out of me. The life I was going to bust my tail to achieve was going to be a manufacturing business and me making enough to drive a Ferrari to work and home. When I arrived home I'd see my hobby farm with a collection of Mustangs, garden tractors, trains, animals and pets,, and the greatest things of all would be my kids running out to greet me yelling Daddy, then seeing my beautiful stay at home wife who I'd love more than anything else in the world.
Instead I live in an apartment with my mom and have worked in restaurants for the last 20 years. No, wife, kids, Mustangs, Ferrari, hobby farm or house. But have two cats. Women wonder what's wrong with a guy who lives with his mom at 49 and doesn't have a house so I haven't had a date in 15 years.

JoJohXD says:

Its very hard when no ones belive in your pain… all my doctors keeping sayin "you have depression and anxiety"….. I WANT TO PUNCH EVERY DOCTOR WHO DO THIS!!!! Because now I managed say I WANT THIS MEDICAL EXAM because I have "this" "this" and "that", IF THEY DON´T – I ONLY SAY "OK, GOODBYE FOR EVER"

sorry for my poor english

Brother Arms says:

19years…. and theres 19k likes, illuminati confirmed

Alda Gunnars says:

Does anyone know what her Instagram is? She's such a lovely person I'd love to follow her.

Katie Adelson says:

very inapirational

K'aiq the Khajiit says:

What a beautiful girl

137Young says:

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with Chronic Lyme disease that has been in my system for 6+ years… the past 2 years I've been living with a tremor that has completely taken over the left side of my body. Same route of misdiagnosis leading to psychiatric appointments that made me feel like it was my own brains fault for making me this way. I was suppose to start college this year but am undergoing treatment with much difficulty and allergic reactions but am not giving up. I needed to see this video

Coke Bloke says:

ok but are they ever going to say wtf lyme disease is? what happens exactly when you have it?


im allways tired

Find- Myself says:

I need to speak to u
Maybe get in touch with ur doctor

Alec Philipson says:

nobody cares

Lanellsia says:

you should research Turpintine and Dr.Jenifer Daneils

Carolyn Hay says:

I'm 16 now and was diagnosed with lymes when I was 12. I went through a lot of the same things leading up to me being diagnosed. I never got the "bulls eye" rash, but my knees swelled up to the point where I had to get them drained twice a month to get the fluid out. Two years later, I was diagnosed with severe Juvenal arthritis caused by my lymes. Nothing seemed to help my knees and they kept swelling up to the point you couldn't see my knee and it would almost be the size of a volleyball. Last year I finally started steroid injections and I haven't had a (serious) joint problem since! Although the steroids do have an effect on me for now being on them since I was 12, I wouldn't trade it for anything

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