Edgar Mitchell Emails to John Podesta CONFIRMS Vatican Connection to Clinton UFO Disclosure – Pt. 1

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Wikileaks reveals astronaut Edgar Mitchell sending emails to John Podesta, an advisor to the Obama administration, who

Podesta regret

Hillary promises UFO disclosure


Space Weapons of Antichrist

UFO Tech

TERRI Mansfield Website

Hillary Picked Trump

Wikileaks Links


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◘AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2011)

◘AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image (2014)



Phillip Hoffman says:

I agree with you, Gonze. They are in communication with devils, fallen angels, and demons to give us future technologies to bring us to the NWO and that having Donald Trump as POTUS will only delay, but that's what Jesus would want; to be able to save many more people. We can't allow ourselves to get anxious for His return to take His bride to Heaven when we have a possible opportunity to have a little extension to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to save more people from an eternity in hell and the lake of fire. Be praying for protection of Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their families from all possible attacks and assassination attempts and that their attempts to steal  the election will backfire on them and Trump gets into the Whitehouse.

Brotramel says:

God is a title. Not a name. The Bible , is ambiguous to the creators true nature. The false creation story in the bible is the work of fallen angels. Looemanj is the name of the angel who professed to counterfeit Christ. From 753 BC TO 253 BC THERE HAVE BEEN OVER 49 saviors inspired by "false" "Gods". One age is 144,000 years, one cycle is 36,000 years, every 3,000 years the archangels descend to inspire mankind. The last incident was the last savior protocol enacted by the creator Jehovah, in attempt to save man. The deception is you are waiting for yeshua and he already came. He told you how to save yourself. But Christians are stuck believing they have the answers though their bible has been corrupted.

Story Story says:

Does david Sereda know about this?

john smith says:

zero point energy is a human term if they had a technology they would have call somthing different or used different terms
i think were getting trolled
potential for wikileaks being hijacked is high

Kraig Gaddis says:

Hi Brother- First off, thank you for your video with all of it's information. I think you are very accurate on your concerns on who's behind what and what their agenda is. I think the head of the snake is the Vatican. It appears that all the the secret societies and the top NWO groups (CFR-Bildebergs etc) all answer to the satan, who is at the Vatican. I believe they are going to have a fake alien invasion, when in reality these are demons in disguise as ailens. The catholic church is going to pretend to come to the rescue of mankind and make peace with fake aliens, It's all a Hoax. I am concerned that no matter how the US people vote, they will fix the elections, so that Hillary wins. I believe that as it stands today it's about 50% Trump and 15% Hillary. And 35% still unsure what to do, that plan on voting. It's electronic, so fixing it will not be a problem. The problem is I don't think the American people will believe the results, and are not going to accept the lie that she won. Blessings to You.

juicingcornerchris says:

so you are a sun god believer? another one born on christmas day? Wow man. and you have youtube?

MetalPirate says:

Aliens are in fact demons and fallen angels cast out from the heaven beyond firmament. Universe is just a computer generated image or cartoons to fool and entertain sheeple.

Galactic Update says:

ET`s have worked with various governments since the Hiroshima bomb.
They`re doing what they can to prevent similar events to occur in the future. The friendly ones want to help us to become more peaceful and enlightened.
Dan Burish (Area 51 Scientist ) – Worked with a being from the Zeta Reticuli
Boyd Bushman (Lockhead Scientist) – Worked with several Zeta or YahYel entities
Sgt.Clifford Stone – Saved an entity from captivity
Ron Garner – Worked on reingeenering alien spacecraft
Follow ProjectCamelot and DisclosureProject to get a
comprehensive overview of the deception that has been placed on our world.
Also, do some resarch on the secret Black Projects aka ET related Projects

Our percived reality is an illusion. The Elite is doing everything they
can to prevent us from connecting with our galactic neighbours. These
people are consumed by ego, greed and power. They`ve no love or
compassion for others, they care only about themselves. Karma will
eventually catch up with them. The friendly ET`s have unconditional love for us.


Bro! hit shoulders and trim the beard and your good to go with the face video interface thingy!

Obtuse Minds says:

I honestly think that the ancient religions of ancient civilizations mentioned in the bible were doing the same thing as modern governments and the vatican are doing today in regards to the ETI project. It's like one big looping nightmare.

Yoda Dundar says:

Just watched the new Independence day movie, and behold it has a Woman as President, so many times we see programming and truth in movies

Shiggy says:

batshit nutters

J Oliver says:

Oh FFS. "Satan"?? What is this, the Middle Ages? No, nobody of importance uses and email with the name "TerribleBillionaires". As for a "New world order"; there's nothing "New" about it; it's just that Morons on the Far Right and Neoliberal morons on the near Right have decided that it's better for their bank accounts to hand over all world governments to banking and corporate interests. It's not a hidden secret society; it's out there for the world to see. Goldmann-Sachs, the Kochs, Deutsche Bank, the Rockerfellers and Rothchilds, etc. The TPP would create a ruling body owned by Big Money that could crush every State, local and Federal law. It's NOT a secret, and there aren't any aliens involved. Yes, UFOs exist but we aren't important to any of them.

Limit 21 says:

please take me to your planet aliens i wana see the universe

peter armendariz says:

well I survived the end of the world. Several times, as prophesied. At some point you start to realize that maybe it's just a book of fairy-tale nonsense. Mixed in with actual historical data to give it some validity.

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

There is a problem holding on to the whole WORD. Because of the ridiculous "Mandela Effect" some people don't trust their Bibles anymore. Unfortunately my little brother is one of them. It is so SAD to me that they can believe that satan is actually able to infiltrate the Bible and change GOD'S own Word. But people who knew their Bible before still know it and are not surprised by these "so called" new verses. You are absolutely right JESUS really needs to come back. We really need Him.

Niamh Ryan says:

All of these things must happen. It is so close to the end. Thanks Gonz

Jann Beecher says:

Great information Gonz, hard to find anyone talking about what is really going on behind the agenda's…..Hanging on to Jesus~

Alex Gonzalez says:

gonz it's you!!!! all of this is insane??? wonder if it's a hoax or not.

Dont Blame The Messenger says:

I agree. cant solve a heart problem with brain surgery. sitting around discussing and screamin and doing nothing or doing the opposite of what your supposed to isnt gonna help this country.

Jc Bach says:

Why are you sitting in a closet?

MikeyBizzle4Shizzle says:

I thought u were a white boy lol this is the first time I've seen your face in one of your videos

RonKris says:

@ 2:40 you said They have a 'Lucifer' satellite? I knew they have the lucifer telescope never knew they have a satellite too.

Ava Barlow says:

For info on et's go to – Tolec From Dekote (y.tube) Channel.
The Vatican is the devil in hiding. The pope has an arrest warrant for child sacrifice.
The truth is out there but hidden well. Hold tight to your faith. It will get rocky soon.
Prepare and god bless.

Michael says:

I always enjoy your content.

The Rambling Loon says:

There are NO ETI's!!

The Rambling Loon says:

This guy supports Trump. I hope you don't have a daughter. How are you able to call yourself a Christian?!

The Rambling Loon says:

Another ranting anti-Papist bigot. Please offer us some new material!!!

Dumuzi (shep) says:

Space is a hoax and the earth is a plane… I'll debate anyone on this…

Mike Becker says:

The dead will follow the dead. The life will follow the life.

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