Life After Weight Loss Surgery Duodenal Switch Lost 145 Pounds

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I was a 31 year old female when undergoing DS WLS Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery and after losing 100 pounds I started P90X and Shakeology losing 145 pounds before having miracle twins! How I live my life as a foodie, former big girl and wls patient and new mommy to twins. I have a lot of battles to fight off. I love food and I love my DS. I’m healthy now! Yay! Most recently I have lost 30 pounds. I will post an update soon! 6 Years Post Op!! For my blogs, recipes, fitness tips and questions answered- find my original blog at and ( is down at this time)


Brenda Smith says:

Hi my name is brenda.  I too have been searching for info on wls.  I am seeing my surgeon for the second time in March or April.  I haven't heard back yet.  When I first went too  my surgeon he said that I could only get the sleeve surgery.  I am unable to lose weight even with excercise.  Now my surgeon said I will need to have the biliopancreatic diverson.   Scary.  Do you have any advice that I may try to lose again.  I am still trying but I'm getting depressed.  Is there any tips you could give me?  Thanks for your time.  My nurse did give me muscle strengthening exercises but it doesn't help me lose.

Edmund Williams says:

Type 2 Diabetes is strictly the function of the Duodenum itself.

Edmund Williams says:

A board certified Bariatric Surgeon explained the DS this way:  They have proven in both Lab animals and in humans that removing the Duodenum from the digestive path instantly cures Type 2 Diabetes.  And when they restore the Duodenum (the first 12 inches of the small intestine)  The type 2 diabetes instantly returns.  They've tried removing other sections of the digestive track, and it has no effect on removing the Diabetes.   Only when the Duodenum is removed, does Type 2 Diabetes instantly go away, regardless of how much you weigh or how little you weigh.  So Bariatrics and the Medical Labs have definitively proven that the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes is coming from the Duodenum itself.  It is the source of the Proteins, Anti-Incretions and hormones responsible for corrupting the insulin receptors on they body's cells and causing insulin resistance, known as Type 2 Diabetes.

Edmund Williams says:

I had the Duodenal Switch on April 23rd,2012, I had Type 2 Diabetes Since I was probably a Teenager when I noticed the first Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes with chronic Psoriasis of the skin.  I entered the Surgery Hospital suffering from Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugars), taking 2 different kinds of insulin, 2 giant pills of Metformin, 2 Anti-Cholesterol Medications, 3 Blood Pressure medications, 2 Heart Medications and Methotrexate for Psoriasis.  5 days after the Surgery I was taking nothing when I left the Hospital.  Both my Doctor and Cardiologist measured my arteries and Heart and they measured a 92% reduction in calcification and hardening of the arteries and heart muscle.

Chris says:

Rita, thank you for giving your testimony of the D.S. process.  Your babies are a Glory.  How is it going for you at the 5 year point.  I am a Firefighter in Sacramento approaching the completion of my second D.S. year experiencing his renewed life.  Chris

Tara Harper,MBA says:

Hi Rita,
I just had DS surgery August 4 and would like to speak to you about my personal journey concerning the digestive process. I am having watery stools and taking some awesome vitamins. But just would like to speak to you about that. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Disappearing with DS A new chapter says:

Been following you for quite a while now (stalker)… I know. I'm inspired by your success, and have started my own journey as well. I will be having ds surgery. I have a few videos up, but I just found out today that I was approved by my insurance. So hopefully some more videos to come.

maya&luna says:

Congratulations mommy! Congrats on the weight loss, but more importantly: on growing and delivering TWO healthy babies after wls.

Jennifer Lynn Gibbs says:

Love you rita! Jenn w

MissJanieHere says:

hi! nice to hear your story!! Congrats on the twins… just beautiful! P90x IS a great program thats for sure… good luck with your beach body coaching!

CYRINTHIA212 says:

great video

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