Business Card Print Design Process from Start to Finish

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In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to take you through the entire process of designing a business card, from the initial print file setup through to receiving the freshly printed business card product. Using this live project for as an example, I’ll show you what to look out for when creating your designs and explain how your digital design is converted into a physical CMYK print.

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Trần Văn Lợi says:

Thanks you so much. Can you guide me about icon corner of shapes? Thanks you

Davey Cardona says:

OH DOOOOOOOD! Thank you very MUCH!!! This is very helpful.

javier dario perea arevalo says:

hello, how are you I like many videos, and I wanted to ask a favor, I am new to this design and I would like to know how to make a futuristic cyber style or design, but with your touch, I would greatly appreciate it

Karen Sudom says:

Thank you. I appreciated not only the "how to" but also the "why" for this print project.

Chathuranga Neminda says:

Is it a bad idea to have a gradient on a logo design when printing?

Kim Bliss says:

Nice refresher from those ol' school days! Thanks, enjoyed the thorough explanation (as always).

ShineLine3 says:

Thank you very much

Devil Dog says:

Chris – your resources and guidance have always been great. Thank you for your dedication and effort.

Noel D says:

That macro lens is great. Which one are you using?

Make it with Youtube says:

Very handy video. Thanks

Laura Williams says:

Thank you so much for doing this start to finish! So many videos focus on just the designing part but I'd love to know more about the preparing for print and printing results side of things. Very unique style of video, thanks again!

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