Square root in 3 seconds – math trick

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Finding the square root is easy for any perfect square under 100! You’ll be able to calculate squares faster than ever and amaze everyone with your utter genius!
To find the square root of non perfect squares follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJHtqMjrStk


Shubham Nagoria says:

Bless you

Emmanuel Tanguy says:

3 seconds ?…

karthik kulkarni says:

how to find the square root of five digits or more?

Wendy Botha says:

that is pretty cool

AegeanGull says:

is there a way to know if the root that we have to calculate is a perfect square or not??

XeroRon says:

Great math tip. thanks.

Jay aNDe says:

I tried solving for square root of 5184 and 6084 but gave me the same answer as 78 for both using this method. Whereas it should have given me 72 for 5184.
Did I just find a glitch in the trick? Please lemme know.

The Daily SciTech says:

Excellent method!

milkYw4iMC says:

you are mixing stuff up, the squareroot of a number is always the positive one. so sqrt(576) = 24. Of course -sqrt(576) = -24 is also a solution to x² = 576, but the squareroot is always positive.

June Jara -.- says:

awe your voice sounds so cute

Gaurav Sahu says:

Im not able to understand what are you saying…

Parshan Pourbakht says:

thanks a lot

Gregory Dearth says:

cool trick. Can't see this being faster than whipping out my smart phone calculator app, but good to know regardless.

United Counties Of Rity says:

Thx that really helped me my parents are going to be so impressed

Hardrive says:

oops i asked that before watching the last question
sheepish face

Hardrive says:

how would you solve those?

Hardrive says:

Just one question: what about squares over 81,99?

Nima Hanna says:

how do u do for example 99?

Hacker Boy says:

your voice is very bad

Aditya Srivatsa says:

To everyone who tells this or that number doesn't work..
This method is used for finding roots of already given perfect squares..not random numbers

Aditya Srivatsa says:

What about more than 4 digits?

hyunwook lee says:

it doesnt work for 8286 too, who ever is reading this in future do NOT trust this guy's contents, most consists of bullshit such as this.

hyunwook lee says:

this method is bs, it wont work on numbers such as 5426.

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