COLONIZING SPACE (The Universe, Space, Science, Mysteries) Documentary Films

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Many considerations come to the forefront when planning space travel beyond the moon. Scientists are currently working on overcoming the many challenges and testing their solutions.


Damar Riwu says:

I want to go to the moon..

Psy Qat says:

Those american flags…
We should NOT put our differences on another planet.. Please humanity… damnit.

3D soda says:

We must use one of the ten or more ways for space travel.

John says:

Ill go. sign me up. to the moon or mars or both. or beyond. Ill sacrifice my life for science and humanity. knowing i most likely would either die or not be able to return to earth ever. Would miss my family and friends and etc but I see it as something that would be extremely beneficial for humanity and even the species on Earth cause being able to colonize other planets and etc would eventually lower the strain on the resources on Earth in return help the species as a whole. We need to eventually do this at all costs exploring and getting a colony started on other planets and moons and etc would be huge for so many reasons.

Sandulescu Christian says:

find something new

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