All 108 UEFA EURO 2016 goals: Watch every one

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From Dimitri Payet’s stunning strike for France in the opening game to Éder’s title-winning effort in the final for Portugal, see all 108 goals that were scored during the tournament.



thomsonfly645k says:

Biggest robbery since Italy vs Holland Euro 2000 semi final. Which also involved the host nation (Holland).

Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best

DaLu Gaming says:

I think in the EM 2016 are the best goals

Mayerling Alvarez says:

portugal se lo meresia

El Matador Productions says:

+yaya sanogo lol

Joona Kaikuranta says:

what music

safin jalal says:

halw nya mama cres bas daxakam layary kasa msab bwyt

viva fifa 17 says:

forza italia

Jesus Real Madrid says:

often show better than in America

g singh says:


‫محمد وتد‬‎ says:

روعة والله

Maneli Malekzadeh says:

Portugal the place of winners

Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best

Aminata Ba says:

France Roumanie Albanie Suisse Slovaquie Pays de Galles Angleterre Russie Turquie Croatie Espagne Rép.thèque Allemagne Ukraine Pologne Rép.d'Irlande Belgique Italie Irlande du Nord Suède Portugal Islande Autriche Hongrie

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