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Let me get right to the point: You want to make money, consistently, trading the Forex markets, right? You do NOT have to figure this out on your own! Follow others who are doing the right things. Notice that I didn’t say the “easy” things; I said the “right” things.

Last June we interviewed Darko Ali (, a Forex trader who is really building up an impressive track record. But his consistent profitability is due mainly to non-chart distinctions that have made ALL the difference for him.

In this week’s 5 minute video, I’ll give you an update on his trading, but of paramount importance, what it is that has made all the difference. I just can’t emphasize strongly enough how important this part of the video is. It’s everything. Plus…

I’ll show you a live trade he took this week (he ONLY trades VicTrades), along with a screenshot of the results of that trade.


“Hi Guys,

I know it’s early days for me, but I’m suddenly starting to get great results with Macd divergence trades on H4 and higher, as well as well qualified S/D levels.

I definitely am benefitting a lot from all the things I learn in CC, growing as a person and as a trader. I’ve changed from being profit (emotion) driven, to being more process driven, which totally changed the game for me.

Kind regards

Charl, South Africa

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the video! Have a great weekend and week ahead!

Vic Noble
Personal Coach


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