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Astrofx help answer one of the most popular questions within the forex and trading market “How much can i make” . We breakdown the perspective of the average trader and compare it with a real investing psychology and mind frame. This methodology has so far only been for Astrofx Students… but now its out there for you for FREE.


server333 says:

there is no difference between those 2 ways….increasing you account every month or taking out your profits again and again and again is essentially the same thing. The guy who doesn't withdraw will be a lot richer after a year though since trading is a game played in % wich means if you make 10 % every month your income will increase steadily since your profits increase your account size wich in turn "increases" those 10%. Your risk stays completely the same all that time unless you decide to up the stakes at some point.The attitude you advocate here is used in gambling. If you hit it big in the casino leave and take your money while its there however trading is not gambling.

L Martin II says:

Great video and information!

Daquan Scott says:

i did this never aging i told myself i only play with house money after my first profit that 1k

Camron Smith says:

Great video

ahmed liban says:

very good explanation and true all what you said since i experience this myself and never profit. i will do what you said for 6 months .thank you very much sir.

Thomas Lewis says:

woow great video

Faizan Muhammad says:

Great video! but i'd say that if you use correct fundamental analysis, you can easily compound your account into millions.

lightspeed72 says:

Great video and congrats on your success. I really liked the idea of simply staying at a certain amount level, taking the profits and then scaling up when there is solid consistency. I do have a question, I'm okay with a 10K or even 25K account when the time comes, however, when it comes to wealth building, meaning getting into the 6 and 7 figure range, do you have any advice on how to get there, aside from letting my account compound? Do you have an effective template you can suggest or make a video on? Would love to hear more about it. Cheers and congrats again! Ps: I am a full time forex trader, 2.5 years in and currently at break even. So its all good. :)

Ahmad Morad says:

This video should be marked as favourit . Thank you very much

João Monteiro says:

It's perfectly possible to make steady returns of 10/15% per month consistently. I've clients who do it easily…
However people need to know that the returns go in same way as risk.

Uscenes relaxing videos says:

Newbie came expecting hype and delighted to hear this grounded advice, cheers.

Logan Daniels says:

sweet video

Ludmil Parvanov says:

Great 10x

Syed says:

go man, u r explaination is deep

Daniele Kouassi says:

hello Astro FX how can I get your contact information?

Nick V says:

How much then realistically would you suggest starting with?

Civic Gaming says:

what about 50% compounding? then withdraw the other half of your monthly priofit?

Devon Amo says:

Wish i new you guys 60k ago

AR SH says:

i guess u hwe nt enough knowledge on me..i will send u my statements

Admin Finesse says:

Very good video. I managed to turn 20$ in 400$, needless to say I lost it all.

Lifted Company says:

forex is a great way to make your money work for you.

Lifted Company says:

I scalp with 20 grand. I shoot for 3 pips profit a day. life is good.

Phenyo Ratsie says:

Hello guys can you offer advise for books I can read on FX trading.

Stephen Ayotomiwa Olagunju says:

Nothing but the honest and the bitter truth, God Bless your Hustle bro….


Not sure if I agree with the "teaching", but I'll listen and take a notes of my own:-/

GFX Trading Week plan says:

great information !! cool.

Professional Welders says:

Hi Nat, Subscribed very level headed approach:-) Ive taken out 10% for my 7th straight month and now looking at topping up my account, in that time ive seen younger guys double there accounts compounding and then lose most or be stuck in open trades

UK Garage Gold - Classic Vynl Collection says:

Hey I'm thinking about making my first small investment Of £5000. I want to invest it wisely , ideally for an income aswell as a Wealth preservative. Could anybody recommend anything? Ie: P2P lending, Stocks, online trading etc! Thanks

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