BCG vaccination

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Şuleikra Şanli says:

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M Neurauter says:

+ Ben Bremlut
Hahaha. I know.

Zainab Looy says:


Lily Alsuhaili says:

حرام والله

Honest Lee says:

Jeanne Winters… The injection the baby was given is to check for Tuberculosis. The antigen is given intradermally, which means just under the skin. It must be given slowly otherwise it would leak out. After about 72 hours, the site is checked. If the site ends up with a Mosquito bite looking bump, the child may have been exposed to TB. The adult gets the TB test, it's given under the skin on the under side of the arm. On babies it's given either on the bottom, or the back of the upper arm.

Autumn Woody says:

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Karol Paz Peña Bustamante says:

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marcoyuliajessesmom says:

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Jake Drane says:

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Ben Bremlut says:

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