The Tories record on the economy? A catastrophe

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Aaron Bastani looks at how Britain has suffered a ‘lost decade’, and how another is on the way.

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Pat H says:

Why not link to sources in video description or at end of video…

Steven says:

kiss me you fool

wibble bubble says:

That brass band is playing the Guile Theme from Street Fighter II – Sonic Gloom!!!

Laurence Richards says:

Brilliantly eloquent and informed as always!

steven durrant says:

tories have made the rich richer and smashed the poor. that is far from incompetence, it is a clear objective of social Darwinism

Christian Chalk says:

And how have other countries done, Aaron? Are you saying the rest of the world have been fine and dandy and have grown massively compared with the UK?

steven alves says:

Thanks for making this video, I've been really struggling with my economic views.
I've been doing bits of research but it's hard to find all the information you need to make an informed decision.
This is why alternative media is so important.

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