The Nervous System – CrashCourse Biology #26

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Hank begins a series of videos on organ systems with a look at the nervous system and all of the things that it is responsible for in the body.

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Shraddha Dwivedi says:

What is the effect on the nervous system when a paralysis drug is given ?

Isabella Maria says:

Are u the younger version of Steven Hawkins!?!????!!!?!??!!!?!?!???

Ella Mozzarella says:

I find biology kind of boring, but every time I watch a Crash Course video and see Hank's excitement over nodes, and I have to pretend to like biology for his sake. I dont want him to get discouraged!!

INCOG Gaming says:

Dopest nigga i know

BruT4L says:

I am too stupid for A level Biology.

Cameron Ford says:

AP Bio test in an hour? CAN DO

Umar Shahbaz says:

confused don't get science

Communist Goddess says:

He makes science funny loll he's so cute

Aarushi Grover says:

I want Pizza!

Pauline Tlhapi says:

this video was very helpful and easy to understand …. thanks

Anissa “ayeloavalos” Avalos says:

lmao i got a bio final exam in 2 hours

Paual Gamer236 says:

My exam is tomorrow and you totally made this easy for me!!!!!!!!

Paual Gamer236 says:

I am reporting this!!!!THANKS HANK!!!!!!!!!YOU TOTALLY MADE THIS EASY FOR ME!!!!!

Paual Gamer236 says:

Then what about the sensory neurons, motor neurons and associative neurons?

Michelle Corpus says:

this is my report he made me understand it better,THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Era says:

lol reproductive junk

nurul Islam says:

When I will I be able realize that media is nothing

jdanag1 says:

You say "most of them are neurons," as in most cells in the nervous system are neurons, but I thought most — or roughly an equal amount — are glial cells. Am I wrong?

Satvik Sahu says:

Anyone here for bio diploma tomorrow?

Through the looking glass says:

Yay science exam tomorrow!

Nomo Hakon says:

That pizza looks cold…

Emma Ryan says:

You da man Hank

Juliette van Driel says:

not sure if my sympathetic and parasympathetic division are working so well together?? Biology SAT is next thursday and i've been stressing for a week already

Mirandas Tumblr says:

I just want to say good luck to everyone who has a biology exam this week!

Saloni Shah says:

i really want pizza now

Christopher Cooper says:


Maura Mullaney says:

Anyone else think he looks like a young Stephen Hawking?

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